Althea Angels first gathering + A'bloom launch

by - April 30, 2019

I get really excited whenever Althea release a new product and this time it was not just one product it was a range of products. Being an Althea Angels have its perks, I was offered a chance to try out the new range of products at the Althea Angels first gathering + A'bloom launch last Saturday in Softsrve Ice Cream, Dessert & Balloon Bar at Plaza Arkadia.

Upon registration, we were given these super cute coupons that me feel as if I was going to a fun fair, by using these coupons we are able to exchange for food and drinks and the first I grabbed was the soda + waffles followed by a rose lychee soft serve ice cream, both of them were just YUMS!

Girls love everything cute right? The sound of a customized makeup is just awesome! Thank you, Althea, for preparing this station that kept me really busy. We started with getting our whipped cream pipped onto the base of our product then arrange the cute decor, glue is not needed because the whipped cream is adhesive. 

Now let me introduce you to the new members for the A'bloom range, the first baby will be the Meringue Puff

A'bloom Meringue Puff is a latex puff that all help you blend your make up it's available in Giant or Baby size and it can be used both dry and wet for different looks, for a glossier look, dip it in the water, the meringue puff will magically expand to 1.5x in size which makes coverage on your face, if you prefer a matte finish just use it dry with your foundation of your choice. 

My verdict? The Meringue Puff is slightly bulky to be held on to but it doesn't affect the usage, it doesn't absorb your products and it takes a little bit more effort to blend it onto our skin. Overall it's worth it for the price of RM8 for Giant Meringue Puff or RM11 for Baby Size Meringue Puffs. 

Next, we have the A’bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster, it is the first natural BHA stick that aids in removing blackheads painlessly making it suitable for all skin types. This gentle formula aid purifies and clarifies pores instantly with natural ingredients such as white willow (natural BHA), charcoal, apricot seed, and tea tree leaf oil. 

My verdict? I'm amazed with this product, it's so gentle I didn't expect it to work so good, take a look at my before and after you'll notice my blackheads are gone!

Last but not least, A'bloom Mask! These masks are going to be your skins savior with 4 range of mask from moisturizing watermelon, nourishing avocado, brightening lemon lime and anti-blemish peach. 

My verdict? The moisturizing watermelon mask is my absolute favorite, it's able to nourish and moisturize my skin back to its soft, supple state and you wouldn't believe it cost only RM2 each and now it's on sale at Althea's website, BUY 10 and GET 10 FREE and it's priced at RM15 only! 

Besides the A'bloom range, the entire Althea exclusive collection was also showcased at the party. I've tried some of the products previously, you can check out my reviews below 
Althea Bare Essentials
Althea Pore Purifying Serum + Althea Body Mist
Althea Petal Sunaway + Althea Petal Velvet Powder + Althea Milk Pee

For the skincare collection, we had the Althea Pore Purifying Serum, Althea Petal Sunaway, Althea Petal Velvet Powder, Althea Bare Essentials Set, Althea Real Fresh, Althea Milk Peel Mask, Althea Waterful Green Bamboo Pads, Althea Skin Relief Spot Film Gel, and Althea Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist. 

For the makeup collection check out the Althea Eye Palette Sunrise & Moonrise. Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer, Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter, and Althea Watercolor Cream Tint. 

It's such a honor to be a Althea Angels, thank you Althea team for pulling such a fun party, I seriously felt so pampered, trying out new products, enjoying desserts and meeting up with other Angels. I can't wait for the next party! 

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