Lulu Hypermarket Opens 2nd Outlet in Malaysia at 1 Shamelin Mall

by - July 04, 2019

It was exciting day at Lulu Hypermarket, 1 Shamelin Mall as the grand opening was held to welcome everyone Lulu’s 174th global store and its 2nd outlet in Malaysia. Lulu Group, one of the largest retail operators in the Middle East & North African (MENA) region has further consolidated its presence in the Far East by opening its second hypermarket in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. YB Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution bin Ismail, Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs of Malaysia officially inaugurated the Hypermarket in the presence of Ambassadors of various countries, prominent local businessmen and other dignitaries.

The new Hypermarket is strategically located at 1 Shamelin Mall in the Cheras district of capital Kuala Lumpur, this new 80,000 square feet hypermarket has been designed using the latest retail space concepts and modern technology to make shopping more fun and enjoyable for the residents of Cheras and its nearby areas for their daily shopping needs.

Grocery shopping is a fun chore I enjoy and it's actually therapheutic for me, my favorite supermarket to restock my items in Malaysia is definitely Lulu Hypermarket!

Aside from very competitive prices, the main reason I love to visit is Lulu Hypermarket is because they offer the most complete range of household products, electronics, and apparel. Lulu Hypermarket has a huge selection of quality fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits I can get and that includes imported brands including dairy, packaged food, toiletries and essential household products.

Yusuff Ali MA, Chairman of Lulu Group said “as declared during the inauguration of our first Hypermarket in Malaysia, we are firm on our expansion plans in Malaysia and are committed to launching four new hypermarkets in different parts of Malaysia before and of 2020. This includes projects in Setia City Mall, Bangi Gateway, Bachang (Malacca) & Johor Bahru.

Lulu Hypermarket 1 Shamelin Mall is having their Grand Opening Promotions. There will be exclusive opening promotions from 1st July till 4th July 2019 at the store with discounts up to 50% off and many more so don't miss out this great time to pay them a visit!

Here’s the promotion flyer

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  1. Hypermarket sebegini sangat bersesuaian kerana banyak pilihan berbanding kedai runcit. Yang mana apa yang kita mahu tiada. Semoga kehadiran hypermarket ini membawa kesenangan masyarakat sekeliling.

  2. I always love going to Lulu. All the barang all cheap, spashly the chocolates! I still remember borong 5 bottles of Nutella from here for my cake business 😁

  3. Sekarang dah 6hb julai. Promo dah lepas. Best betul dapat pergi time promotion kan. Half prices plak tu. Memang seronok memborong. Waktu macam ni mana boleh nak lepaskan

  4. Indeeed! Barang-barang di Lulu Hypermarket memang kompetetif dan murah. Memang ambik peluang time promosi akan beli barang-barang keperluan dapur secara pukal. Next boleh la pergi branch ni pula.

  5. I read a lot of positive feedback about this supermarket such as affordable price and variety of product. Since I stay jauh never get a chance yet to shopping here

  6. i suka shopping dekat lulu banyak barang murah dan berbaloi..especially coklat. jadi tak perlu ke langkawi untuk borong coklat. memang best. lagi satu semua barang ada dalam satu bumbung

  7. Congrats on Lulu hypermarket opening at Shamelin mall! More nice and cheap products can shop easily now. I'm excited to go there!

  8. Bestnya dpt shopping kat Lulu tentu brg dia murah2