The Cake Show 2019 by Eat Cake Today

by - September 29, 2019

Who doesn't love cakes right?

I was so excited when I was told I would be attending the one and only cake show in Malaysia hosted by Eat Cake Today, The Cake Show 2019 was hosted at WeWork Equatorial Plaza and its set to create quite a stir with a similar platform to showcase popular and future creative trends of a different kind – CAKES & BAKERY ARTS.

It's always exciting to get to know the newest creative trends for cakes! These days, cake designers are having fun incorporating all kinds of new shapes, colors, patterns, and materials that would have never been dreamt of in cake trends in the past. The Cake Show 2019 was a great platform for bakers to showcase trending cakes and bakery arts and I have such a great time appreciate baking art and learn about the current favorites and cake trends for the following year.

One of the highlights of The Cake Show 2019 includes an amazing demonstration and display of world-class standard in Chocolatier and Sugar Artistry by Chef Chong Ko Wai, silver medal winner in 2016 Modial des Arts Sucres, Chef Lawrence Cheong 4th place at the 2015 Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie 2015 in Lyon (World Pastry Cup 2015) and Chef Chen May Ling bronze medalist in the 2017 FHM Culinaire Malaysia Competition.

The talented trio collaborated and formed ECT, having C3 Lab as part of their R&D consultancy to create a range of premium cakes which can only be ordered exclusively from ECT under the brand of C3 Lab.

During the event, Chef Chong Ko Wai and Chef Lawrence Cheong have crafted beautiful vintage table and homewares along with some pastries completely from chocolate while Chef Chen May Ling creates beautiful Sugar Flowers on a wedding cake.

Decadent Jar Desserts

Gems of the Blue Cake

Gravitiminion Cake

Macarons Fault Line Cake

Projection Mapping Cake

They were joined by other Chefs Edwin Chan and Cindy Chan later on who together showcased some of the cake trends such as Decadent Jar Desserts, Boba Lava Cake, Gems of the Blue Cake, Macarons Fault Line Cake, Gravitiminion Cake, and Projection Mapping Cake.

Eat Cake Today is the pioneer in cake delivery portal in Malaysia which offers a wide range of trendy, unique and custom-made cakes that are designed to suit your needs on all occasions on the same day itself and they are moving forward to offer more well-rounded services in the world of confectionery with their new series of workshops and cake courses.

Now you know where to get the trendiest cakes in town right?

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