Back to School with Sunfeet Healthy School Shoes

by - December 09, 2019

How often do you check your kid's foot to see if they've outgrown their shoes? One mentality that Asians tend to have is to buy bigger shoes for their kids because they'll eventually grow into it. Yes, technically it's true they'll grow into it but do you know along the way it could affect foot development and result in musculoskeletal issues in the future? The typical problem range from flat feet, in-toed gait patterns, and bow legs.

I recently visited Sunfeet International Rehab Center that's located in Petaling Jaya, this time I brought Miya along because I wanted to get her feet checked as well as get her a new pair of shoes to prepare for her to go back to school next year.

As Miya grows so does her feet, just this year she has changed at least 4 pairs of shoes already, mostly outgrown so I felt that it's really important for me as a responsible parent to get them checked and fitted correctly.

Here's are some tips for parents out there! 

Shoes that are too small will restrict the growth of their feet while shoes that are too big cause instability.

If you're uncertain how to choose the right pair of shoes for your kids, check out these 6 steps that can guide you or if you need help you can always drop by Sunfeet International and get advice from their friendly consultants there.

There are many things parents have to prepare when our kids return to school and part of it is a good pair of shoes, shoes can play a big part in affecting the development of your kid's feet, as mentioned poor-fitting and shape of shoes can cause malalignment of joints, restrict normal growth of the feet, and limit natural movement of foot.

Sunfeet International has a wide range of healthy school shoes for kids that provides support, comfort and prevent restriction of growth and malalignment of joints. For older kids who go to school can opt for white or black shoes or younger kids like mine, we could always choose the more fashionable ones.

As we enter the store, Miya had her eyes hooked on these pair of pink Peppa Pig shoes, she couldn't resist to try it on herself and it fitted her perfectly, guess mama had to bring it home right?

Here are some of the perks if you get your pair of healthy school shoes from Sunfeet

🔸FREE Foot Alignment Consultation
🔸FREE Foot Analysis
🔸FREE Shoe Cleaning Service
🔸FREE Anti Fungal & Anti Bacteria Care
🔸FREE Foot Exercise Class
🔸FREE Sunfeet Drinking Water Bottle

Sounds so cool right? Especially the shoe cleaning service! Parents who are tired and have no time cleaning your kids' shoes here's an alternative 😉

Anyway, here's the part that everybody is waiting for the price! Sunfeet Healthy School Shoes are priced at RM799 for 3 pairs and RM1139 for 5 pairs. For those who purchase now can also stand a chance to enter their Grand Lucky Draw with prizes worth up to RM10,000 for grabs!

Sunfeet International Rehab Center
Blk C, 18 JALAN 19/1, Seyksen 19, Petaling Jaya, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday 10AM-7PM
Contact: 013-528 3939 

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