RAGE 2.0 @ Mid Valley Megamall

by - December 18, 2019

What's the definition of a good lunch for you? 

I'll fall for a great cup of coffee and gorgeous food anytime and I happen to find this new spot that fits me. RAGE 2.0 launched their new flagship outlet in Mid Valley Megamall, it's a step up from your usual local coffee scene, the chic atmosphere is super Instagram worthy, the cafe concept and mobile application is uniquely designed for fellow RAGERs to connect and build relationships with others of similar interests.

RAGE 2.0 menu is interesting and offers sufficient variety especially for those who are health conscious there are many vegan-friendly options for you to choose from, whether you are eating alone or in a group of friends. 

Besides that, RAGE 2.0 is running a special collaboration with Beard Brother - the local specialists in all things BBQ.  RAGE churn out coffee grinds will be used on the new Beef Tenderloin bowls.

Here are some of my must-have, honestly I don't know which is my favorite anymore, they are all so good, it just fits my Asian palette very much, the meats are cooked properly, it's tender and juicy and the flavors of each dish is bold in seasoning.

Coffee Rubbed Beef Tenderloin Bowl RM22

Smoked Lamb Wrap RM22

Beef Dendeng RM15

Tempe & Vege RM15

Rage 2.0 makes an ideal pit stop in between shopping or a nice catch-up with the girlfriends over lunch and coffee. The food was very enjoyable and the prices are reasonable. I could see myself dropping more often. 

ps// if you're like me and hate waiting in line  Download DrinkRage app that allows you to pre-order a cuppa at the touch of a button and get it delivered. 

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