Chuanxi Bazi Hotpot @ Sunway Velocity

by - March 19, 2020

Hotpot lovers will be happy to know that Chuanxi Bazi added a new menu with extended gourmet selections such as Chuanxi Bazi’s Signature Imperial Fish Maw Broth crafted from all natural ingredients with no artificial flavors, MSG or flavor enhanced used, first of its kind in Malaysia and premium selections of Filefish and Imported Australian Marbled Beef Slice (A4 Grade).

Chuanxi Bazi Hotpot is a prominent Chinese hotpot brand from Chengdu, China, it's coming into its sixth month of arriving in Malaysia, conveniently located in Sunway Velocity Mall Cheras, this is the place to be if you love hotpot! As a member of the media, I was lucky enough to get myself with a life-time Gold-plated VIP Card which is also presented to loyal patrons. Guess this means more hotpot for me now!

The new menu selections feature over 20 additional hotpot additions and ingredients, the highlight of which is the new Chuanxi Bazi Signature soup broth, the Imperial Fish Maw Broth it's crafted by Masterchef and Founder Hu Jian Qing for the Malaysian market to suit the Chinese-Malaysian taste buds whilst infusing nourishing herbs and spices with the nutritional benefits of fish maw, which is rich in collagen, proteins, and nutrients.

Chuanxi Bazi aims to provide its diners with supreme taste and impressive quality which is why they follow strict quality guidelines, the Chuanxi Bazi’s resident chef, which is rotated from the ranks of senior chefs from Chuanxi Bazi China, checks and greenlights all ingredients daily to ensure the prescribed guidelines are adhered to.

The dining experience at Chuanxi Bazi was great, I could really tell they've put a lot of effort into preparing the ingredients, the soup base was nice if you love a numbing base try out their mala as well. If you are after a hotpot experience, the quality of food here will not disappoint.

川西坝子 Chuanxi Bazi
2nd Floor, V03A-02-02, Sunway Visio Tower
Sunway Velocity Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

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