My Getha Pillow Review

by - March 26, 2020

Hi loves, what have you been up to recently? I hope everyone is feeling good, despite having the covid-19 attacking us worldwide and being quarantined at home under the movement control order in Malaysia, I've been making use of my extra time to redecorate my home. My bedroom is one of the most important space at home because my family I and spend most of our time there, it's a spot that gives us comfort and joy, cozy up during those gloomy days, and obviously a place to crash after a long day and recharge.

My latest edition to my bedding is these two new Getha pillows. Getha is a Malaysian Brand with 50 years of manufacturing experience of natural latex foam mattresses and bedding products in Malaysia. I am so happy to be supporting a local brand because when you buy from a local business you’re helping to save the planet by lowering your carbon footprint and of course supporting the community!

Getha has a vast collection of natural pillows for all body and sleeping types since there's no one size fits all pillow. Their series varies from Classic Pillow Series, Functionality Pillow Series, Bolster Series, Neck Pillow, Snow Bean, and even Travel size pillows that you can benefit from when you're not at home.

So what made me change to a latex pillow instead? The idea was pretty simple, 100% natural latex bedding products are antibacterial, hypoallergenic and EMF free, besides that, it also maintains the ideal balance between softness, comfort, firmness, and support, these pillows hold its shape for many years while giving you the right level of sleep support.

My husband has a lot of neck discomfort from sleeping on regular pillows, it has been ages since I've been convincing him to change his pillows but knowing how stubborn men can get, I secretly switched his to Getha 100% Natural Latex Windy 360 Pillow from the Classic Pillow Series and I've noticed his complaining less about neck discomfort, the pillow was a perfect fit for him, with dual density option of soft & firm, this pillow fits seamlessly the curve between the shoulders and the neck that gives him the support he needs all through the night.

As for myself, I love my pillows to be on the sturdy side, I got myself the Getha 100% Natural Latex Beauty Pillow from the Functionality Pillow Series, it gives me the beauty sleep that I've always wanted, it uses the Milk Technology that gives me the soft-touch milk protein fiber cover smoother your skin and reduces wrinkles as it doesn’t create friction when your skin encounters the surface of the pillow, the Honey Comb Air hole technique, ventilates air and disperses heat away from my body throughout my sleep.

These pillows from Getha are super comfortable and well made with 100% pure natural, high-quality latex. I know I can rely on them for years to come. If you know the importance of making the right choice so that we can get a good night's sleep that'll eventually contribute to our overall health and wellness I definitely suggest you have a try with the Getha ones, I’m sure you’ll find a perfect match among their huge collection and if you're purchasing it now you'll be receiving free sanitizers and delivery as well, visit now and have fun shopping online.

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  1. This pillow looks soft and super comfy. Thanks for sharing:)