JennOrtho Orthotics & Prosthetics Service Specialty Store, Mid Valley Shopping Center

by - July 28, 2020

Did you know that the right pair of shoes can help to prevent back pain? 

The shoes we are wearing have a massive impact on our body because the feet act as a foundation of the body, this idea of moving one joint and it affecting another is called a kinetic chain. If we do not have the right pair of shoes that give up support, it will be uncomfortable when we are on a move which will eventually affect our feet, legs, and back.

JennOrtho is an Orthotics & prosthetics service specialty store that is founded by the renowned Dato Dr. Edmund Lee, an Orthotics Specialist.

JennOrtho specializes in custom made insoles and a wide range of sport, modern, and casual orthopedic footwear for adults and children, they recently open its doors to consumers with a purpose to ensure everyone feels great even when faced with foot-related issues, you can find their shop at Mid Valley Shopping Center

I had a pleasant surprise during my visit there last Sunday, JennOrtho has a team of orthotic consultants that will advise you on the type of shoes to help with your foot concern. Besides that, they also have the latest Foot Alignment Analysis which is free to ensure you get the proper fit.

The scan can identify your foot type and foot position, helping you gain an awareness of your feet and how they influence your posture and alignment, it'll only take a minute, the machine is also sanitized after each use to ensure cleanliness.

If you're wondering what is the importance of Orthotics, the specially designed shoe inserts or footbeds that help support the feet and improve posture by redistributing weight, as well as realigning foot joints while you’re standing, walking or running.

With the help of Orthotics, it can help treat a variety of foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, diabetic feet, flat feet, and bunion, and clinical research has furnished good evidence that orthotics are effective in reducing foot pain and improving the ability to walk properly.

The right pair of shoes will help to keep your feet healthy, it will be more comfortable being active if you choose a shoe that fits you well because it will help protect your feet, legs, and joint to keep your body safe from injury.

Address: S011, 2nd Floor, Mid Valley Megamall.
Operating Hours: 10am till 10pm

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