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by - July 21, 2020

As I hit 30, I notice that I've been aging quite quickly and what worries me the most is I constantly get comments like "You look really tired!" But the actual fact is I'm not tired, I guess I've aged as time goes by.  This got me worried because many of you know how vain I can be but thank goodness with modern technology there are many ways to help reverses the effect of aging.

Not too long ago, I paid Dr. Adam at Monette Ansley Clinic a visit, I wanted to get proper consultation on my aging problem and he seems to be the perfect person to go to because Dr. Adam is a national and international leading aesthetic consultant, a lecturer and tutor in the world of aesthetic medicine, anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

He practices at Monette Ansley, a flagship aesthetic clinic located in Tropicana Avenue that offers high-quality anti-aging and aesthetic treatments for both men and women with minimal invasive aesthetic treatments within the aesthetic medicine.

When I first saw him I told him the exact words, I'm feeling old but I'm not sure what's wrong 😂

He shared the latest aesthetic treatment that will help address my signs of aging, and eventually, we agreed that Sculptra will be a great choice to fill up my areas where I've loss fats and collagen.

Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that gradually replaces lost collagen, unlike the conventional hyaluronic acid fillers, Sculptra is a volumizer that utilizes poly-L-lactic acid to gradually stimulate the body’s own collagen, creating natural-looking, long-lasting natural results for up to 2 years.

The areas for improvement for me were basically my forehead & temples, sunken eyes, cheeks, and nasolabial fold, I need to restore volume in these areas, to it would look plump and rounded.

Let's get started, shall we?


This procedure can be performed quickly like less than an hour with little to no downtime. Before the injections, cleansing the face and applying a topical numbing cream to minimize discomfort. 

Dr. Adam then carefully marked the area of interest and he starts by using fine needles to inject Sculptra into the targeted face areas he marked. were used to reduce swelling and bruises.

Was it painful?

Absolutely not, I request for sedation to ease the entire process, otherwise, it can also be done with topical numbing cream. Dr. Adam uses a vein viewer to easily locate my veins location for the injection so the entire process was quick and pain-free and I was in comfort after that. 

How long is the downtime?

Technically there was no downtime although I had injection throughout my whole face personally, I did not experience swelling, bruises started to appear after a few days on my right eye but it was easily covered up with makeup was worn and the bruises went away within a week. 

How many sessions are required?

This treatment is designed to work gradually over a number of treatments doing only one session won't get the job done, patient will need to be treated once a month for about 3-4 sessions to help restore volume.

Post-treatment care

To ensure the best possible results, Dr. Adam has taught me the 5-5-5 Rule.

Massage the treated-areas for 5-minutes, 5-times a day, for 5-days after treatment. You'll need to massage the treated areas with a firm circular motion, it might be sore but remember it's important to massage the area.


The results are visible immediately but for better and visible results, you'll have to wait for a couple of months as the body would be in the midst of producing more collagen.

It's been a month after my treatment and I'm really pleased with the results, the effects are subtle but it did restore a more youthful appearance on my cheeks and temples. I had a few friends that noticed my changes but didn't know what I did which was great, that's the kind of thing you want when you go under procedures rights?

However, because the results from Sculptra are so dependent on the injector’s skill and experience, I highly recommend you to look for a reputable doctor with experience to have ease of mind. You wouldn't want anything to go wrong!

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