Lactel Kids Yogurt - Healthy, Creamy, and Tasty

by - October 24, 2021

Searching for a healthy, tasty, wholesome yogurt snack for your little ones? Have you try out the newest product from the Lactel range of yogurts - Lactel Kids Yogurt for fun and healthy snacks for kids. 

It comes in 100g servings with 3 delicious flavors made specifically for kids - strawberry, vanilla & banana, I also love how Lactel Kids make their packaging fun by depicting elephants, orangutans, and tigers which is a great way for kids to learn about Malaysia’s wildlife conservation efforts while enjoying the tasty, creamy, and healthy snack!

One thing I know for sure, the packaging intrigued Miya & Mina because they kept asking for it, and recently they even started requesting for these yogurts to be served during breakfast along with some crackers. Besides that, being a dairy product to help kids build strong bones, these are a great choice for kids who are not too excited about drinking milk. 

These wholesome yogurts are made with real fruit puree without any artificial sweetener added while kids will love the creamy texture, clearly indicating the richness of the milk from which the yogurt is derived. Besides taste, parents can rest assured that Lactel Kids is a yogurt snack that packs a healthy punch as it is filled with a great source of calcium, fortified with vitamin D, and live cultures important for the gut.

You can pick up your favorite flavor at your closest supermarket today! Lactel Kids yogurt is available at all major supermarkets including (but not limited to), AEON, Giant Hypermarket, BIG, Jaya Grocer, MYDIN, Billion, The Store, MyNews, EconSave, LuLu Hypermarket, Servay, Pantai Selamat, and many more!

About Lactel Kids 

The Lactel Kids yogurt is part of the Lactalis family of dairy products. Lactalis, a French leading dairy company present in more than 90 countries around the world, acquired the Nestle chilled dairy (yogurt and yogurt drink) business in Malaysia in late 2018. Known for providing top-quality dairy products around the world, Lactalis will bring its expertise and knowledge to Malaysia, bringing new and innovative products to the market to sustain its position as the nation’s favorite chilled dairy brand! For more information visit,

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