Things You Didn’t Know About Your Child’s Formula Milk Powder

by - October 28, 2021

It goes without saying that you need to know everything about the milk formula you are feeding your child! It is our responsibility as parents! Read on to learn more.

From one parent to another, we know that at one point in time, you must have asked your friends and family about the criteria of choosing a formula milk for children! More often than not, you will hear them say criteria such as price and amount of fortified ingredients. Little did you know, the origins of the formula is also an important consideration factor. 

Where did your child’s formula milk originate from?

Did you know that most formula milk products are NOT manufactured in Europe or other Western countries such as Australia and New Zealand? As a matter of fact, most of them are manufactured right here in Southeast Asia! Naturally, you will be wondering about the difference between formula milk that’s produced in Western countries and Southeast Asian countries.

It boils down to the manufacturing process, whether it is a single or double manufacturing process.

Single manufacturing process vs double manufacturing process

A double manufacturing process uses milk/susu that is sourced from Western countries such as Europe. The milk will be processed into powder and exported to Asia, where different brands will add fortified ingredients to the formula. This manufacturing process is the only choice for brands that don’t own the farms or cows. During this manufacturing process, the milk powder is subjected to multiple heat treatments and might lose all its natural nutrients. 

Meanwhile, a single manufacturing process uses milk/susu that is sourced and processed in the same country. This means that the milk is transported straight from farms to factories at the right temperature. The single manufacturing process is definitely better, simply because the products will go through fewer heat treatments and have more of their natural nutrients preserved. 

What makes a brand that uses the single manufacturing process better?

Brands that employ this process are fully responsible for the entire process and will have no need for third party involvement. It also means that the brand owns the farm, and is able to provide an optimal atmosphere for the cows to thrive. Then, when the milk is transported, it is done so at the right temperature, producing a milk formula that is truly beneficial for your little one. Most importantly, before the milk is turned into powder, it will be carefully tested for the right color and scent to ensure that it is of the highest quality

In giving the best to our children as parents, it is crucial to know your chosen formula milk brand inside out, and that includes the source of the milk formula they consume. A little effort goes a long way.

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