Heathy Skin with Oxygen Infusion Facial at Murad

by - July 05, 2022

Hi loves, I hope everyone is fine lately, I recently got to experience The Oxygen Infusion Facial at Murad flagship store in Sunway Pyramid after a friend recommended me and I loved the Murad facial so much I'll be sharing my Murad facial review in this post. 

If you’ve been suffering from tired-looking and dull, puffy skin like I frequently do, getting a facial at Murad flagship store is gonna be such a life-saver! After getting myself registered, I was recommended by my therapist of the day to go for the Oxygen Infusion Treatment which is a rejuvenating treatment designed for aging skin, during the treatment it uses a high concentration of oxygen therapy with CS serum that contains Aqua Guard and hydrating complex to provide long-lasting hydration. 

As we may already know oxygen is important but how can it help our skin? The therapist explains that infusing oxygen and serum on your skin aids in activating cell activity which will help improve the hydration, appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, brighten our skin, accelerates blood circulation and collagen synthesis to give us healthy, nourished skin. 

We started off with inhalation of lavender essential oil to loosen up, this step was love because it helps to calm our mind & body and get us ready for a pampering session, the next steps were the basics like cleansing & exfoliation, steaming, and extraction to remove all the impurities so our skin will look much smoother and brighter.

Following was the process of using the oxygen infusion machine to penetrate oxygen and serum into my skin, it felt a lil uncomfortable especially when the gust of water was sprayed onto my skin, I guess the therapist felt it and started comforting me. Once this part was done, a cream mask was applied and she gave me a good shoulder massage. 

Once we were done with the facial, we also took a facial analysis scan which helped me identify my problems and Murad shared ways to tackle them. Apparently, as I age, fine lines are starting to appear and my biggest enemy will always be the pigmentations, I've got tons of it which is why I've been a big fan of Murad Rapid Dark Spot Correcting Serum, it really helps reduce the pigments on my skin.

To sum it up, the facial was superb because it was very well equipped with the necessary machines and devices to provide top-notch facial service. You can see how my skin looks revitalized. If you’re looking for a facial, highly recommend this for those of you who need a bit of skin revitalizing to bring that glow back.

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