City Gardening Special Edition lll at Kajang Jade Hills

by - July 02, 2022

City Gardening Special Edition lll is still ongoing until 3rd July 2022 at the largest green park in Kajang - Gamuda Land Jade Hill, they open from 10am to 9pm daily. 

City Gardening KL takes the plant shopping experience to the next level, they offer a huge selection of plants all at one stop, there will be a massive 32 vendors in total that will be participating at their event this weekend. 

Visitors to City Gardening Special Edition lll will have the opportunity to receive a door gift sponsored by Gamuda Land & Shamrock Botanics, besides that, if you've been eyeing that dream car of yours, you get to test drive the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class by @cyclecarriagemy at their event too which was an incredibly fun experience. 

Don't forget to explore carnivorous plants from May's Nepenthes Malaysia, there are more than 100 species available, I've got 2 types currently and they seem to help reduce the insects in my garden, I'm not sure if it works this way but I notice there are less mosquito around my place too, perfect kan? 

Spotted the showcase of rare Black Cactus, these are not the ordinary type of cactus that we can see in any nursery, it was really eye-opening for me since I've always had a thing for cactus so I ended up bringing home one of them. 

In case you want to beautify your home or workspace check out these beautiful miniature terrariums, just like the tag line of City Gardening KL "The best way to add life to any space is to add plants" 

City Gardening KL plant market is the first of its kind in Malaysia and I just love popping by their event.

For more information about their event follow them on their social media




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