Jordan Ultralite a All-New Lightweight, High-Performing, and Sustainable Toothbrush

by - June 30, 2022

Have you seen it already? 

Jordan came out with the all-new lightweight, high-performing, and sustainable toothbrush will be the perfect hygiene partner for the modern, on-the-go, fit, and active Malaysian! The brand-new Jordan Ultralite range in Malaysia, it is currently one of the lightest-weighing, high-performing, and most sustainable toothbrushes in the world! This Scandinavian brand has been caring for people's teeth since 1927 and has a worldwide presence in over 50 global markets. 

The Jordan Ultralite is Jordan's latest innovation of toothbrushes weighing only 8.7 grams for the sensitive range and 9.2 grams for the regular soft range, it is designed to be a perfect fit into any modern, active Malaysians’ lifestyles, aside from that it also brings maximum cleanliness, Scandinavian-inspired urban design, and most importantly sustainability! 

Drawing inspiration from the active Scandinavian lifestyle, the Jordan Ultralite lightweight toothbrush doesn't compromise performance. The handles of both product ranges are designed with an intricate hexagon pattern, which makes it possible to use 50% less plastic, and still gives the user a comfortable ergonomic grip. The Ultralite’s 100% recyclable mono-material also makes it easier to recycle. 

The pattern on the handle is a tribute to the hexagon patterns found in beehives. Jordan retained the honeycomb-like structure as a design feature, keeping the toothbrush light and easy to handle whilst retaining its sturdiness for a solid grip. This open design allows users to rinse off toothpaste residue easily and helps make the brush easy to hold and operate. 

On top of that, Jordan Ultralite sensitive range gives users a gentle brush with ultimate reach. The bristle tips is designed for effective plaque removal while still being gentle on their teeth and gums. Jordan ensures dental health while making the Jordan Ultralite the world's lightest toothbrush. 

The all-new Jordan Ultralite sensitive toothbrush retails at RM9.90, available now at major supermarkets, health & beauty chains, and pharmacy channels. You can also purchase Jordan Ultralite online via Jordan’s official Shopee and Lazada stores.

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