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by - May 02, 2017

First of all, thank you Rachael from FoodiLIFEcious and Andrew from Kouzu for inviting me to this dinner, where some of the food highlights and signature menu was introduced.

Introducing Kouzu, a new cozy Japanese Tapas Bar & Restaurant in TTDI, they offer a great selection of fusion Japanese dishes such as Japas, Yakitori and Donburi. Since it's also a bar, there is a great range of Japanese alcohol drinks such as Sake, Japanese Whisky, Scotch, and Beer. If you are in the search of having good food with great selection of drinks, this is the place to be.

The restaurant’s set to have romantic-dim lighting and warm ambiance, supported edgy japanese graffiti art! They have several dining areas: the regular dining area indoors, tall tables outdoors and even a private room for groups above 6 pax with no minimum charges. Just book ahead to avoid disappoitment.

Let's start with the selection of good food I had.

1. Sashimi Salad
This beautiful salad is bright look and very tasty as well, a light and healthy starter with great quality raw sashimi. I also like the crispy lotus root that brought some texture to the dish.

2. Rosted Pumpkin Salad
The salad is toss with crumble goat's cheese over rocket with pumpkins and strawberries, it was tasty yet refreshing.

3. Pan Seared Tuna Foie Gras
This is one of my favorite dishes here. The tuna was cook with crispy coating on the outside, while still manage to have that raw consistency in the center. You got the texture contrast from the crispy coating to the soft center, not forgetting the teriyaki foie gras which perfected this dish. A MUST TRY!!

4.Baked Roll Sushi
This sushi roll exquisite in it's own simplicity, topped with dicced scallop and the creamy sauce, I really love the sauce because it went really well with the dish.

5. Kouzu Unagi Roll
Unagi rolls are really common and it can be found in most sushi restaurants but Kouzu gave it a twist by making it crispy, it was love at first bite.

6. Creamy Baked Oyster
Yumminess was the word to describe this dish, rich and creamy japanese mayoniase combined with the luxurious oysters. A perfect match! A MUST TRY!

7. Stoned Grill Sirloin
The hot sizzling slices of sirlion cooked on hot stone and served with their homemade chef's special sauce, the sirloin was very tender and juicy, and there’s something about the seasoning that’s just so perfect.

8. Chicken Gyoza
The filling, made of chicken and garlic chives, is succulent and juicy, while the dumpling skin has the perfect chewiness to it.

9. Japanese Escargot Pizza
Not your odinary pizza, these thin crusty pizza is made out of Japanese Rice instead of dough paired with the unique escargot and miso paste.

10. Sanuki Udon
I have always loved udon and this one is no exception! This dish is rather spicy which is quite unusual for the japanese but I like it, it actually taste like aglio olio japanese style.

11. Ishiyaki Stone Bowl
A glorious bowl filled with seafood goodies like Unagi, ebiko, fresh shrimps and scallop!; served in a hot stone bowl! YUM! The ebiko was given generously to this dish and I love how it gave that kick of salty. The best part was the crusty bottom. This was actually a simple dish but executed nicely.

12. Sashimi Top Avocado
Healthy yet delicious in one bowl, basically this dish is fresh toro with avocado, ikura and cucumber cubes cut into cubes over a bowl of sushi rice.

13. Grilled Truffle Beef
A very mouth watering dish, the beef was simply amazing, it's just so tender and juicy, paired with a watery onsen tamogo.

14. Wings Yakitori
These wings were really flavorful to began with, it was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

15. Sirloin Yakitori
I might be using delicious way too much but it seems like they just made all the meat so juicy and tender.

16. Rock Lobster Yakitori
A simple, but that simplicity leads to the rich flavor, the texture of the meat was more tender and softer.

17. Shitake Yakitori
Love the rich flavor fo shitake mushrooms.

18.Okra Yakitori
The okra was grilled nicely, it was crunchy, firm and delicious.

To be honest, I had zero complaints towards the food, the chef has meticulously prepared excellence and authenticity in every dish. All I know was that I had a good dinner over good Japanese food and good talks with friends.

Kouzu Japanese Tapas Bar & Restaurant
18, Lorong Datuk Sulaiman 1,
Taman Tun Datuk Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: Mon-Sun, 4pm-1am
Contact: 03-7733-9309

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