Soul Sacrifice Your Neighborhood Cafe in Desa Pandan

by - May 16, 2017

Soul Sacrifice nestled in Desa Pandan is a simple yet humble neighborhood cafe, which I fell in love with instantly, the interior was really minimalist, homey with a slight touch of vintage. There is also the open kitchen in the middle of the cafe where you can catch the chefs cooking.

I was first introduced by mum about this place, she described it as good food, friendly folks, and cats! I couldn't agree more. We were there last sunday to celebrate mother's day and I had such a great time. The food here is mostly dominated by western with a touch of fusion. Coffee and cold pressed juice were served and the food was simply amazing, the chef definitely had a lot of passion with preparing such wonderful meals for their guest. Besides the cashier there is a small corner for their daily bakes which my mum recommended, guess I'll need to come back for more. 

Seven A Side RM20
An extremely tasty dish, hot toasted flatbread with juicy Mediterranean beef kebabs served with quinoa tabouleh and garlic.

Lava Lamb RM16
The omelet was exquisite, it was fluffy and fine, nestled among them were sauteed minced lamb. Served with crusty toast, quinoa tabouleh and garlic sauce.

Double Dragon RM28
The beautifully seasoned fish fillets accompanied by Thai salad served on yin-yang, white and charcoal buns. I love how they added the sweet and sour flavor to the meal resulting in a refreshing twist and flavor.

Matcha Chiffon RM10
Fluffy matcha chiffon cake serve with azuki beans paste and cream. 

Based on my experience, I was really happy and satisfied with my stay here, to be honest, the food was beyond my standards, I did not expect it to be so good and the pricing was great as well. I highly recommend you to try what they have in store :)

Soul Sacrifice
38, Jalan 4/76c, Desa Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening hours: Mon, Tues, Sun: 8am - 7pm, Fri, Sat:  8am -10pm 
Kitchen opens 8am -3pm, 7pm-930pm (Fri & Sat)
Closed on wednesday & thursday

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