Lunch Sets in Authentic Sichuan Restaurant Lucky Cuisine @ Kota Damansara

by - May 11, 2017

Given my love for strong-flavoured food, I just love spicy and tongue-numbing food of Sichuan, let me share with culinary experience at Lucky Cuisine Restaurant, thanks to the restaurant owner Ivan and Racheal from FoodiLIFEcious for inviting me for lunch. If it is another day at the office and you are trying to figure what's for lunch, do try out Lucky Cuisine latest lunch menu, the food offered is extraordinary, delicious and most of all it is value for money.

Lucky Cuisine is offering authentic and unique Sichuan food made from ingredients sourced specially from China, their chefs are also hired from China. Sichuan dish is famous for its “one dish, one taste, a hundred dishes, a hundred flavors". This all-day dining restaurant is conveniently located in Kota Damansara, the interior was simple but nicely designed with a touch of warm and neutral from the wood application.

I proudly bring you to one of my favorite lunch sets in town, they are available from tuesdays to fridays from 11am till 3pm. Lucky Cuisine just started with their lunch sets offered at RM11.90 with a choice of ginger tea or lemon tea and a bowl of soup. Don't forget to catch this great deal and dine in a nice air-conditioned area during lunch instead of the usual mamak or coffee shop.

With the variety of 15 different dishes, I really do not know how to label which is the best dish, you just gotta try them all and decide for yourself.

1. Fish and Meat Slice Rice
A very appetizing dish with a mixture of fish and meat slices in sweet and sour sauce.

2. Spicy Diced Chicken Rice
This hot and spicy chicken gets the crown, the chicken is not too dry, it is still juicy. If you love a strong-flavoured dish, this is A MUST TRY.

3. Spare Rib Rice
Large crispy boneless pork chop seasoned and cooked perfectly, the pork is still moist and juicy.

4. Chong Qing Watery Chicken Rice
The chicken was tender and tasty it was a great combination of the bold and spicy flavors of chili oil.

5. Sweet and Sour Pork Rice
This is my all-time favorite, just love the sweet and sour sauce cooked with crispy-fried juicy pork.

6. Minced Pork Rice
This dish reminds of me of Lu Rou Fan 卤肉饭 which is braised mincemeat, this might be a simple dish but when paired with rice the flavors are amazing.

7. Beef Rice with Mixed Vegetables
The beef was cooked to a degree of well done, it was still juicy and bouncy upon biting into it.

8. Diced Chicken Rice with Cashew Nut
With very mild spiciness this dish is perfect when you are looking for something light, I also love the mixture of cashew nut that gave the dish a bit of texture.

9. Mapo Bean Curd Rice
This is my favorite dish of all time, mapo tofu is a fiery Sichuan classic in a completely meat-free form.

10. Sichuan Style Spicy Chicken Rice
This is a dish you must not miss, chicken in spicy broth, I just love the strong aroma of the spicy broth.

11. Yuan Bao Meat Ball Rice
The meatball was made up to perfection, the texture and balance of the meat ball was on point and it made this dish so satisfying.

12. Fragrant Chicken Rice
Another popular dish, you can find this dish literally everywhere but they did a great job to make the chicken juicy and tender. I also love the aroma of the oil and fried garlic cooked with the dish.

13. Beef & Potato Rice
The beef and potato were really tasty, fresh and flavourful, simply one bowl with burst of flavours!

14. Fried Rice with Sliced Pork & Egg
Both fried rice was simple & delicious, I love the wok aroma which added the deliciousness of both dish.

15. Fried Rice with Luncheon Meat & Egg

I was super satisfied by my visit to Lucky Cuisine and I will be coming back for lunch. p/s if you love really spicy food like me, remember to ask them to increase the level of spiciness 加辣. Will I recommend this? Definitely! Don't hesitate coming here, you will not regret your visit here.

Lucky Cuisine Restaurant 吉祥料理
Jalan PJU 5/12, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Opening hours: Tuesdays - Sundays 11am to 11pm Rest time: 3pm to 5pm closed on monday
Contact: +603-6140 7755

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  1. tak susah nak cari tempat makan sekarang ni, enjoy your meal

  2. glad to know this place as we seldom go Kota Damansara.
    Shall let my dear know of this if we going there for dining

    1. yeah me too, I didn't know KD has so many good eateries.

  3. All the food look so delicious. Want to go there to eat.

  4. I like the spare rib rice. Looks delicious and making me hungry.

  5. wah..nampak sedap lah makanan kat sini..restoran pun cantik

  6. I love Chinese food! And your photos are mouth-watering. Is this near KL? Or is it in KL? I really, really plan to visit Malaysia again and your blog is one of my saved references for places to visit and dine in. :)

    1. Hi Joan, thanks for the comment, the restaurant is in KL, do visit them when you're here it is definately worth your trip.

  7. I love the interior design! Its like the traditional Chinese restaurant, with all improved meal.

    1. Me too, they told me they got their furniture all the way from china.

  8. Sichuan cuisine is way too spicy for me and I can only indulge in it once in a while. I love the oriental setting of this restaurant, though.

  9. These foods seem yummy especially the Spicy Diced Chicken Rice! Will pay a visit soon.

  10. i often find Szechuan food irresistible... this looks like a great restaurant to check out...

  11. Enjoy your meal. May u have a good dinner with your family here.

  12. the food look so nice and yummy!!!Make me hungry now!!

  13. I might be on a diet, but i would never say no for these delicious foods! YUMMY!

  14. Yes, their sichuan food is good. I love it too.

  15. The food look good also, i like the Yuan Bao Meat Ball Rice.