EATZ @ Hong Kong 食在香港

by - August 28, 2019

Chaa Chann Teng 茶餐厅 is an HK style cafe that sells food with a blend of Eastern and Western cultures these eateries are an icon of Hong Kong. EATZ@HongKong just opened its first outlet on the LG floor of The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City, the outlet offers diners a comprehensive menu of authentic Hong Kong dishes such as egg tarts, toasted goodies, pineapple buns, and classic HK style beverages.

This all-day dining outlet with ample of seating, enjoy the comfortable dine-in experience, to make it more kids friendly it also includes a play area to keep all little friends busy while we parents can dine in peace. If you notice they always have wall murals beautifully painted in their cafe, personally I felt that it made the experience dining her greater. It was a collaboration with local mural artists, Aleff Ahmad, and Ong Cai Bin, EATZ@HongKong, shares with its diners, how Hong Kong cuisine has changed through the years.

EATZ@HongKong is a Muslim friendly restaurant, it's run by Head Chef Kak Noor together with special advisor and Creative Chef Johnny Wong from Hong Kong who's been fundamental in guiding Kak Noor and the whole team, to retain the authenticity of this cuisine, and elevate it to greater heights through the use of only the finest ingredients.

They have worked extensively on the menu which includes the much-loved favorites like Cheese-baked Chicken Cutlet with Rice, French Toast, Curry Seafood Rice and Grilled Fish Fillet with Spaghetti, to vamped-up versions of the classics like Prawn Toast, Satay Beef Rice, Polo Bun with Truffle Scrambled Egg, Milk Tea served on a bed of ice, Osmanthus Jelly and Australian Beef Striploin.

Here are some of my favorites from EATZ that I highly recommend trying

#1 Swiss Sauce Fried Chicken RM16.80

#2 Mala Spicy Fishball in Dry Noodle RM15.80

#3 Cheese Baked Chicken Cutlet with Rice RM22.80

#4 Baby Abalone Dried Scallop with Egg White Fried Rice RM28.80

#5 Red Bean Rice Pudding RM7.80

#6 Egg Tart RM3.80

#7 Ms Souffle RM15.80

If you happen to be craving for delicious Chaa Chann food visit EATZ @ Hong Kong, enjoy the creamy Cheese Baked Chicken Cutlet with Rice, the chicken cutlet is amazingly juicy and tender! I also enjoyed the Mala Spicy Fishballs, the sauce was just SO GOOD! Oh and don't forget the baked items such as their signature Egg Tart, it was uber yummy, the crust was so buttery and it had just the perfect level of sweetness. p/s best paired with the signature Nai Cha.

EATZ @ Hong Kong 食在香港
Lot LG-240, Lower Ground,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

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