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by - August 02, 2019

Spending time with my daughter just became more precious after I started my new job recently, it was a tough decision choosing between my career and family but mummy got to do what's best for us right?

Although it's difficult to take time out for short trips, I manage to find some fun in the city going to KL Tower Mini Zoo, this is actually a smaller version of Farm In the City in Sri Kembangan. I planned a trip to KL Tower Mini Zoo a few weeks back on a weekday and it was a great idea because it was less crowded and since I went really early in the morning we were the first to enter.

KL Tower Mini Zoo is divided into 6 sections - Mini Jungle, Jelutung Tree, Falabella Stable, Bridge Broadway, and Petting Area with lush landscaped gardens, free-roaming animals and inspiring tours, it was well wroth a visit.

Here's our first stop at the Mini Jungle, we were greeted by the African Grey Parrots, Cockatoo, Wallaby, Chickens and Turtles. There were guides there to assist us with the animals, Miya got a close interaction with the turtle and a mid-size wallaby that was roaming around.

It was our first encounter with a wallaby, they are a marsupial/pouched animal and they fall under the same category with kangaroos and it's fantastic we are able to catch in Malaysia and don't have to fly all the way to Australia to catch sight of one.

We continued visiting the mini zoo,  we saw gorgeous love birds, beautiful phytons and adorable fluffy Alpacas. Miya was given a chance to feed the Alpacas, fun facts, they are domesticated South American animals that resemble small llamas and they need protection from the sun at the same time keep them cool.

Next, we stopped by the Longkang fishing site, Miya and my hubs had a great time there, fishing wasn't easy we guessed the fish are so used to being caught they've learned to be smart and avoid the nettings after spending 20 minutes here there was no luck in catching one.

Next stop was the petting area and this my Miya's absolute favorite, we spend a lot of time here feeding and petting the genuine pigs and rabbits. These pets were just so friendly, Miya was asking if she couldn't bring one of them home but knowing my cat Mimi, I don't think she will be fond of this idea.

We were really satisfied with our visit and we had a chance to see everything we planned to catch at KL tower Mini Zoo, this mini Zoo is easily doable in half a day and kids of all ages will enjoy visiting so if you're around the area I highly recommend you to drop by.

Admission Rates
Adult RM32
Kids (11yo & below) RM27
*Free for kids below 90cm
Senior Citizen RM27

KL Tower Mini Zoo
Ground Floor, Menara Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Puncak, Kuala Lumpur, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: 10am to 9pm

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