Authentic and Delicious Hakka Food at Hakka Cuisine Hometown

by - August 19, 2018

Hakka Cuisine Hometown 客家名廚 is a very humble family restaurant located in Taman Segar Cheras, if you know Cheras Leisure Mall then you'll be able to find this spot easily because they are right opposite. They serve a tantalizing collection of authentic Hakka dishes and it is utterly delicious among my favorites are the Hakka Special Meat and Hot Pot, since everyone is more health conscious these days, Hakka CuisineHometown also customized to their customer preference, more lean meat will be served rather than fats.

Home Town Pot 滋补汤 RM38
This is a must have! This aromatic soup tastes just as good as it smells, a classic Chinese herbal soup which also helps to restore your energy and boost body immunity, in both men and woman, I am not trying to brag here but I felt so energetic the next day after consuming this and the best thing is they do not limit you, you can choose to refill this hot pot whenever it has dried out. Side dishes such as sliced meat, mushrooms and vegetables can be added to it as well.

Sour & Spicy Pork Leg 大浦鹵猪手 RM21
A very well executed dish, the overall flavor was very well balanced, it had just enough sour and spiciness to it, the meat was really tender and juicy, they just fall apart in every bite I take and the sauce is great when paired with rice.

Hakka Special Meat 正宗客家炸肉 RM19.00
One must not miss this! Another dish I highly recommend, this brings back the flavor from my late grandma's kitchen, it was a must-have during all our festive seasons at home and Hakka Cuisine Hometown manage to replicate my grandma's dish, the meat was nicely seasoned and the black fungus added some crunchy texture to the dish.

Home Town Kangkong 家乡蕹菜 RM15
This is a well-loved “homey” dish, stir fried kangkung (Water Spinach ) with century egg and prawns.

Tau Chu Sauce Steam Fish 照牌蒸金鳯鱼 RM32
Steamed with preserved soy bean paste, it gave the fish an excellent fragrant and taste, the fish was also fresh and properly steamed resulting in really moist and smooth fish.

Aside from their a la carte dishes, we also tried out the lunch menu which is tasty and satisfying for your lunch not to mention it is so affordable too! The Hakka noodles are all handmade daily, it has just the right consistency, soft but chewy which is way better than store-bought ones.

Drumstick Noodle 鸡腿面  RM12.90

White Curry Noodle 白咖哩面 RM9.90

Pork Noodle Soup 家猪肉粉 RM 8.90

My friends and I had such an amazing feast at Hakka Cuisine Hometown, good food at a reasonable price without burning a hole in your wallet, I would love to come back for more and enjoy more of their dishes.

Hakka Cuisine Hometown 客家名廚
No 49, Jalan Manis 4, Taman Segar, 56100 Cheras 9 Miles, KL.
Tel: 03-9134 8892
Opening hours: Tue to Thurs 12pm - 9pm, closed on Wed

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