Breastfeeding Essentials Every New Mom Needs

by - August 09, 2018

Breastfeeding is not an easy journey, there are good days and bad days but it is rewarding for both mother and child and I am so happy that I will be able to do it again, to be frank, I really miss my moments nursing my elder daughter, Miya.

3 years back I manage to fully breastfeed Miya for 9 months before I started mixing with formula, my initial plan was to do it for a year but my supply slowed down and Miya was a big eater, I was pretty upset at first but eventually my senses came to me and I told myself it will be okay, I did my best!

With the arrival of my second child, Mina, I am determined to start my journey again, I know it might be a bumpy road but I'm gonna stay positive and do my best so I have curated a breastfeeding essential checklist which I think are universal to all bf mummies

#1 Breast pump
I chose a double pump because it's more convenient and most effective for me as a working mum.

#2 Cooler Bag
I absolutely love this cooler bag, I'll do a detailed review about it soon but in short, it comes in 2 compartments, one for my breast pump and one to store my milk, the bag is really spacious, I could store 4 bottles with 2 ice packs and it'll last me the whole day.
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#3 Hakaa Silicone Breastpump
Don't waste those extra drops, it is perfect for collecting the letdown during my breastfeeding session.
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#4 Breastmilk Storage Bags Storing
Useful for mummies who would want to pump and store milk, these Apple Tree Storage Bags also comes with AppleTree freezer compatible stickers to write down the time and date.
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#5 Nursing Cover
I got this cotton poncho style nursing cover from Manana Covers which covers everything and offers me privacy on the go, it's made out of breathable cotton that has a proper airflow for my baby.

#6 Maternity Bra
To make it easier for me to feed, I got a maternity bra with one-handed easy clips, these are also super comfortable because the material is stretchy and super soft.

#7 Breast Pad
Embarrassing soggy shirt moments can be avoided with these, I got mine from Shapee and the absorbancy is excellent and it's also super thin.
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#8 Nipple Cream
Sore, pain and cracked nipples are pretty common during breastfeeding, I always carry my handy nipple cream from Earth Mama Angel Baby to keep them moisturized.

#9 Fenugreek supplements
I had a great experience using fenugreek to boost my supply when I was experiencing low milk supply these will support you through those frantic feeds.

#10 Lactation Brownies/Cookies
Breastfeeding can make us really hungry so I snack a lot, these Mom More Milk Brownies are packed with essentials to nurture your milk supply naturally and they taste really good as well.

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