Friso Gold Experience Holland Roadshow at Sunway Pyramid

by - August 26, 2018

A healthy, happy kid starts with a healthy, happy tummy. When your kids have a good digestive system, they will be stronger from the inside, thus allowing them to explore more on the outside world with you!

Friso Gold Experience Holland Roadshow is happening now at Sunway Pyramid, Orange Concourse (in front of Harvey Norman) Bring your kids and enjoy the fun activities lined up such as mini Frisian cow rides, colouring/painting, and augmented reality photobooth with farmer and cows! Mummies who are keen to have their toddlers to try out the formula can also visit the booth, free samples are available on the spot so you can let your kiddos try it!

Let me do a real quick intro to you on the activities. 

Featured Activites

First stop, Mini Frisian Cow Rides! 
Let your kids enjoy a good time on these cute mini Frisian Cow Rides!

We then proceed to the Augmented Reality Photo Booth 
Here’s your chance to take a perfect picture at a farm with the farmer and cow! Softcopy will be sent via email where you can upload onto your social media, while they also do print a hardcopy for you to keep too!

Next stop. Creative Moo Colouring
Let your kids explore their creativity, bring them here and colour the cute little cow.

By-the-way! There is also a Creative Moo Coin Bank Painting which you can get for FREE with the purchase of 1 unit of Step 3 or Step 4 900g! Add a creative spin to this cow coin bank that your kids can decorate on spot! Miya loves this but decided to take home and paint secretly herself.

I was first introduced to Friso Gold when recently me and my friends were discussing on milk powder for children. Little did I know, Friso Gold is 100% fully imported from Holland!!

Friso Gold takes the best of nature and made better with science, from ensuring the quality of feed to the high standard of every drop of milk that goes into the production of the milk powder, before serving to children around the world. That’s why every drop of Friso Gold has the natural goodness of milk!

Friso Gold's milk powder dissolves quickly, preparing it is so effortlessly easy, there will be no more lumps in your milk bottle. Provided with the protection lid on the tin, is another great feature because it is cleaner, easier and more hygienic

It is also impressing on the steps that Friso Gold takes to maximize their quality and safety of the milk supply chain. Let me bring you through.

It started off with the farmers who take great care and dedication to work with nature to produce nutrient-rich milk. They feed their cows rye grass and maize, and they conduct health checks regularly on their herds.

The truck driver makes sure the milk is kept at no more than 4 degrees Celsius to keep high freshness index during transportation.

During the milk production phase, the farmers combine generations of expertise with the latest high-tech milking and monitoring systems to maintain the hygiene and quality of milk.

Next is the factory where we make the nutrient-rich milk better with science.
Do you know that some food is harder to digest due to overheating during processing? Overheating process can cause food to lose its nutrient, ended up having indigestion for children. To ensure that children can easily digest food especially milk and absorb the nutrients in it, Friso Gold uses LocNutri technology, a manufacturing innovation where the fresh milk is processed with mild heat to preserve the native structure of nutrient as close to the natural state as possible, so that it can be easily digested by children. This technology ensures goodness of milk’s natural nutrition is preserved when they turn it into milk powder.

The end product is then checked again for safety and quality aspects before packaging for export.

Yes that’s their process of manufacturing Friso Gold! You can learn about it too at the event!

Grab the exclusive promotions that will be happening in conjuction with the roadshow, they will be going to AEON Mall Terbrau City on 20th - 23rd September 2018 and then to One Utama on 3rd - 7th October 2018. Before moving forward, the roadshow will still be held at Sunway Pyramid from now till 26 August don’t miss out the last day!

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