50gram X Swanicoco Limited Edition Juliet Red

by - October 17, 2018

If I can only choose one makeup to bring with me, that will be a lipstick 💄
It is one of those things that can transform your look with just a swipe and I can't live without one in my bag but I really hate that some of the lipsticks leave my lips dry and the colors will crack by midday which is why I will always choose a moisturizing lipstick that gives me best of both world, it needs to deliver great pigmentation without drying out my lips.

Juliet Red is a limited edition color by Swannicoco, this Korean brand is the first natural cosmetics company in Korea and it's been one of the hottest brand in Korea this year! The company uses biotechnology to develop cosmetics with natural ingredients that are good for the skin and it goes the same for their lipsticks as well.

Features & Benefits

Swanicoco uses natural ingredients such as Castor Oil, Camauba Wax and Olive oil in their lipsticks that is beneficial to keep our moisture level giving us moisturized lips with long-lasting yet attractive pigmented colors.

Texture & Packaging

The quality of the lipstick is really good, with a single swipe it leaves a good stain behind on the lip and the colors last pretty long, I've tested it and it lasted me an average of 4 hours. The texture of the lipstick is creamy with a matte finish and it looks really good on the lips and I love the magnetic casing that helps keep the lipstick in place, I've destroyed too many lipsticks by accidentally twisting the casing but this will never happen with my Swanicoco Juliet Red. 

Here are two styles I've created using the limited edition, Swanicoco Juliet Red 👄

#1 Day Look

This is the gradient lips, that'll give us a youthful, natural appeal to it, start off with applying concealer on the entire lip area and then apply Juliet Red on the center and press my lips together a few times for a softer youthful look.

#2 Night Look

This is a classic, glamorous sexy lips I'll never get tired off, perfect for parties and occasion you'll like to stand out.

Overall, Swanicoco Lipstick is a great lipstick to add to your collection, first off, it's really moisturizing and it's matte, I've got this thing for matte lipsticks they just look really cool, Juliet Red is a great shade, it is suitable for daily use.

Swanicoco Juliet Red Lipstick is retailed at RM88.85 each and you could purchase it online at https://50gram.com.my/product/swnccstvljr/

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