b.liv Immerse Me Mask & b.liv Organic Rose Bloom Review

by - October 25, 2018

Hi girls, how are you guys feeling lately? 2018 is ending soon and stress level on my side has really gone up the meter, I've got a zillion things on my mind that needs to be done and I do not have enough time not to mention the weekly dramas I've been getting from work and home, sighs life ain't easy! So all these stress has affected my skin.

Sleep is food for your brain, body, and skin, and if you don't get enough, you deprive each of its nourishment and that is exactly what I've been doing lately, my dark circles are getting worse psss if you have any recommendations please hit me with a comment below, my skin is dull, dry and dehydrated too because I've been running around and I have been getting enough H20 :<

I needed to restore my skin to its balanced state of being! badly! and I've found this combination to work for me after trying it out for 7 days, using 2 best sellers from b.liv - b.liv Immerse Me Mask & b.liv Organic Rose Bloom

b.liv Immerse Me Mask

If you're in need of a serious boost of moisture, this sheet mask increase hydration levels instantly. Made from a blend of hyaluronic acid, cogongrass extract, lentil extract, galangal extract, apple fruit, and watermelon extract.

Product Claims

• Provide instant hydration
• Help skin preserve its optimum moisture balance
• Improve skin water retaining ability and provides long lasting hydration

Texture & Application

Personally, I love sheet mask because they are just so convenient, I've tried the older version of immerse me and I'm so excited to try the new formula and it did not disappoint me.

My skin was tired and it needs a hydration boost, I left the b.liv Immerse Me Mask for 15 minutes as per directions, the immediate cooling effect on the skin felt great and my skin felt hydrated upon application and if you notice my before after picture, my dark puffy dark circles went away! Yay!!

If you're looking for a mask that will give you bouncy, radiant-looking complexion, you will not be disappointed with this one.

b.liv Organic Rose Bloom

This botanical blend is infused with 100% natural organic ingredients with no chemical additives added, the oil is suitable even for sensitive skin, it helps your skin stay fresh and moist for long hours.

Product Claims

• 100% natural: oil component derived from natural plant seeds
• organic: natural ingredients; suitable for sensitive skin
• raw energy: the power of raw (organic) skin food
• moisture: stay fresh and moist for long hours
• safe: no chemical additives added
• organic rose bloom enchanted floral oil does not contain any artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, and chemical preservations

Texture & Application 

I've got combination skin, the t-zone area is usually the oily zone, after many years of trying out different skin care products, I've swapped my night moisturizer to face oil for my night routine.

Our skin produces its own natural oil - sebum, when your moisturizer isn't doing a good job, our body will automatically produce its own oil to balance our skin's sebum levels which is the cause of having oily skin.

Using b.liv Organic Rose Bloom helps to reintroduce the oil stripped away from my skin during cleansing, I only use as little as 3 drops which are sufficient for my face and neck, this oil absorbs well into my skin and it doesn't leave my skin greasy.

Where to buy?

b.liv Immerse Me Mask & b.liv Organic Rose Bloom is available at https://www.bliv.com/my/ by clicking HERE


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