What's in my Wiggle Boks?

by - October 17, 2018

Remember I posted this video a while back on my Facebook? Miya had such a fun time in boxing the suprise box we got from Wiggle Boks

Wiggle Boks is a subscription service curated for your little ones aged 0-24 months and you!
Each box will contain 5-6 items and have a retail value of RM200 or more! This box is available worldwide and shipping service is FREE! Doesn't it sound wonderful? Having necessary parenting essential delivered right to door every month?

So let me tell you how it works. First, you choose a monthly subscription, it's available for monthly, 6 months and a year, it can begin anytime and you're able to pause or stop it anytime. Wiggle Boks will deliver your goodies to you every 4th of the month and a tracking number will be given to you to trace it.

In the Wiggle Boks we received, there were goodies for both babies and mummies, we've got ourselves 4 items and 3 different type of samples.

✔ Umee wide neck bottle
✔ PearlBar's Planet loving toothbrush
✔ Coconut Charcoal
✔ São Miguel purifying clay mask
✔ Suzuran Baby Cleaning Cotton samples
✔ Suzuran Baby Wet Cleaning Cotton samples
✔ Bud's organic samples

I was super excited with the São Miguel purifying clay mask, the mask came in powder form, all you've got to do is mix a lil water to create a paste and apply it onto your skin for 10-20 minutes, I could feel my skin is more refreshed after using it, it feel squeaky clean too.

As for Baby Mina and Miya, I've had fun trying out Suzuran products, the cleaning cotton is really soft for Baby Mina's delicate skin plus there isn't any added chemicals to it, just purified water and soft cotton, I would highly recommend adding these into your baby essential daily use.

I really enjoyed the Wiggle Boks, it was fun for me and my little ones, after all, who doesn't love surprises plus it's always fun to try out new things. This reminds me the box will work as a perfect gift for new mummies as well, so if you have a friend who recently delivered or expecting, this makes a great gift as well!

Wiggle Boks are available for orders on their website www.wiggleboks.com use code JIASHIN20 and receive 20% off your first order

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