PRP Without Bruising at Premier Clinic Bangsar

by - October 09, 2018

Hi loves, I'm back with another aesthetic post, some you might have seen my IG stories where I showed you how the treatment is done and the first question I get is usually, isn't it painful? then the next will be what is it and how it works, knowing some of you who really enjoy reading post like this, let me introduce you this method of getting PRP without bruises, I found out from Dr Foo from Premier Clinic Bangsar and I can't wait to share this with everyone!

As you know I love getting the PRP injection done because of all the wonderful benefits I'll gain from it and it's not my first time doing it and definitely won't be my last, unfortunately, each treatment does have its pros and cons, the cons of PRP is the bruises it will leave us, usually mine will take a week or so to go away, I'll explain to you why further in my post.

So what is PRP treatment?

I'll make this real short, PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma, a sample of your blood is taken, then it's placed into a centrifuge. This is a machine that spins around very quickly, causing the blood components to separate. Then we use the plasma to be injected into our desired areas to promote healing. It can be used on your face, neck, hair, and lately I found out from Dr Foo, they are doing it on breast and even your private parts to promote healing, *perhaps I should consider getting it done at my breast, breastfeeding mummies will definitely understand how our deflated boobs feels like, it'll be nice to pump it up a lil :P

What is the new method I use?

I am currently using a microcannula to inject instead of the normal sharp tipped needle. The microcannula is a blunt tip needle, it is more maneuverable due to its flexibility, it can move easily during the treatment to deliver our PRP which makes the process faster and there will be less pain, there are only 3 entry points on each side of my face, unlike the traditional method that needs repeated entry. 

Will there be any downtime?

The traditional method will usually come with certain side effects like bruising because the sharp tip of the needed might puncture small blood vessels, this is how bruising occurs. With the microcannula technique, there wasn't any, I had no bruises or swelling with this method.

How long does the treatment take?

PRP treatment is another lunch hour treatment, it's done within 30-45 minutes, the process is pretty simple, once the blood is drawn and placed in the centrifuge, the nurses will clean your face and apply the numb cream, this will take 15 minutes, once your plasma is ready, it'll take another 15 minutes to inject it into your face.

This is one of the treatments I really enjoy doing because it's completely natural and chemical free this treatment will naturally stimulate collagen and elastin production resulting in firmer skin and eliminates fine lines. I think I've covered most of it but if you have any questions feel free to pop me a comment or email.

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