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by - June 06, 2017

Hi loves,

Today I am sharing my review for an anti-aging serum from Arwin Biochem. Arwin Biochem's Golden Placenta Ultra Essence 黃金胎盤極緻金露 is originated from Taiwan and it is highly raved in one of Taiwan Variety Shows, 女人我最大.

Hitting 30s can be a life alternating moment, age is catching up. I always wanted to know how soon should we start using anti-aging products and if there's a need to do so?

The answer is pretty simple, as I am entering my 30s I started to change my skincare to pre-aging products, I want my skin to stay the way it is as long as possible, in order for that to happen preventative care and early treatment can be most effective in maintaining that precious youthful glow. It is very important to take precaution than to regret later right?


The essence combines three elements with the strongest effects: gold peptide compound, placenta, and caviar, these elements help solve the issue of aging and replenish necessary nutrition. The collagen synergistic effect can revitalize, repair, and nurse the skin. The essence helps combat aging problems such as wrinkles, lack of elasticity and dryness.
  • Great for anti-aging! 極佳抗老聖品!
  • Gold synergy to whiten skin 黃金協同作用,再造亮白肌
  • Gold particles to remove cytotoxin 導入黃金粒子,導出細胞毒素
  • Three core elements to combat aging skin, gold peptide + placenta + caviar 抗老核心三元素 -黃金胜肽+胎盤+魚子
  • Revitalize, repair, and nurse the skin賦活、修護、調理肌膚
  • Effectively smooths wrinkles 有效的撫平皺紋 使肌膚年輕細緻



As you can see from my before and after picture, the results are amazing, I love how moisturizing the anti-aging serum is, Arwin Biochem Golden Placenta Ultra Essence immediately tightens my cheek bones by giving me the instant lift. Besides that, the product is fragrance-free and it absorbs really quickly into your skin. I use this right after the toner and before my moisturizer.


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