How to plan your wedding in 2 months

by - June 05, 2017

Hi loves!

June is my favorite month, it has always been a special month for me because my birthday falls on this month as well as Miya's and a few of my family members as well but most importantly June is also when we started dating and got eventually we got engaged.

I am really excited as I am writing this post because I am left with a week until my actual wedding. I know I might sound crazy but I planned for it within 2 months, it was not an easy task but it was achievable. There were many things that came into mind before I started planning and I would love to share my thoughts with brides to be out there. Hopefully these tips will be helpful when you are planning your wedding :)

Some of you might be thinking, why is this girls getting married? She has a child right? I know many were confused when I posted on my instagram, some of the relatives got a shocked. Anway here is my story, we got registered in 2014 after that we went on our honeymoon to Europe and I came back pregnant hence we postpone our wedding until further notice, and this year we decided to do it and I am glad we finally made it!

A good marriage is not something you find, it is something you make. To my dearest thank you for loving me, trusting me and most importantly respecting me. I was never an easy journey but together we will be better and stronger ❤

Here are some of the things I kept in mind all and it got me through this day!

1. Know what you want

People who get what they want tend to be the ones who make the effort to know what they want. I have a very strategic yet simple mind set, I make a target and go for it, yup it is as simple as that. Start with choosing a wedding theme of your choice, the type of dresses and styles you like, this will save you time when you are searching for a wedding studio/bridal house/photographer and your theme will get you the venue you want as well.

2. Set a budget and work within the budget

Discussed with your partner the amount of money you would like to spend on the wedding and plan things within the budget. I made sure I know where my money is going, things that I wanted to spend on ie. Photographer + wedding dresses, car decoration, venue of your choice, makeup artist, baker, gifts for your guest, bridesmaid dresses and decoration. Provided you stick to it, a budget plan will help you keep on top of your spending, and make sure you don’t fritter away.

3. Get your family & friends to help out

Thanks to my family for being so supportive on the event especially my mum and aunt, they went all in to make me feel like a princess.

4. Wedding Planning Checklist

Having a wedding planning checklist is really important, this is a simple tool to prevent us from forgetting and making unnecessary mistakes.

☑Wedding Theme
☑Make Up Artist
☑Hair Stylist
☑Wedding Dress + Shoes
☑Venue of Choice
☑Guest List
☑Wedding Invitations
☑Table Arrangements
☑Floral Arrangements
☑Venue Decoration
☑Bridesmaid Dresses
☑Wedding Cake
☑Wedding Band
☑Door gifts

Let me end this post with some of my pre wedding pictures ❤

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