NutriBrownRice A Healthy Instant Brown Rice Beverage For Your Family

by - June 03, 2017

NutriBrownRice is a healthy instant brown rice beverage that is suitable for the entire family and it can be enjoyed all day, have it for breakfast, tea or even supper. NutriBrownRice is an instant hot beverage produced by Abrand Food, it is made from the finest brown rice from the rice paddy fields of Northern Malaysia. Brown rice is the main ingredient, it is also their top priority to select the best and freshest brown rice to maintain their perfect and consistent taste. I was really lucky to be given a chance to try out all flavors and write about a review NutriBrownRice.

The introduction of brown rice in the diet brings tremendous health gains and benefits discussed as under:
•Lower Blood Cholesterol
•Promote Healthy Blood Pressure
•Protect Your Heart
•Improve Digestive System
•Help in Weight Control

NutriBrownRice comes in 2 series with 6 flagship flavors to choose from:-

No sugar series
The no sugar added series is great for those who can’t or those who are on a strict in low sugar diet.

1. Original (with no sugar added)
Suitable for those who are strict in low sugar diet. It contains INULIN which acts as prebiotic to promote healthy digestive system. It is mild yet delicious. Inulin, a prebiotic fiber that is a natural component that occurs naturally in many plants, has also shown particular promise for Type 2 diabetes. A person with Type 2 diabetes who consumed 10 grams of inulin a day for two months had improvements in glycemic control and antioxidant levels. This is suitable for an everyday drink like what our ancestors had been drinking for longevity and optimum energy. Ideal for breakfast, tea time and supper.

2. Original (with Inulin) suitable for pregnant moms
This is specially designed to suit the needs of pregnant mothers who need to observe a good glucose control. It contains a soluble fiber that promotes the healthy digestive system and it also prevents morning sickness too!

3. Honey
A perfect match with brown rice and my favorite too. The honey sachets are 100% natural floral honey, it is packed separately which allows you to add accordingly to your preference. Honey also promotes better sleep, boost memory and makes this is an excellent energy drink.

Low sugar series
For those who prefer their beverage sweet, the low sugar series is suitable for you.

1. Original
Pure brown rice powder, does not contains additives, preservatives or artificial colorings. The natural nutrients are retained. You’ll enjoy the distinctive brown rice taste with this version.

2. Chocolate with natural cocoa
It contains iron and calcium, this is good for blood formation and bone health. The main ingredients is brown rice instead of chocolate/malt hence it does not cause heatiness to your body and it is more delicious and healthier than any other chocolate drinks. This is perfect for kids and chocolate lovers, I have tried this with my 2 year old and she loves it!

3. Oat with soy lecithin
With tiny chewy instant oat flakes & soy lecithin, it has a cereal texture, unlike the other selection. If you dislike oat, try this brown rice + oats version instead, Soy lecithin improves brain function, lowers cholesterol and an essential for liver health. Stay full longer for your busy day!

Packaging & Availability
NutriBrownRice is sold in a box of 8 sachets with 38g of brown rice powder, it is easy to make, all you need is a cup and hot water and you get to enjoy instant healthy brown rice drink with a smooth texture. NutriBrownRice is available at Cold Storage, Aeon Supermarkets, Sam’s Gloceria and Popular Bookstores. It is also available in selected pharmacies, organic and natural food chains.

Overall & results
I am happy with this healthy instant brown rice beverage, NutriBrownRice will be just nice for me for breakfast and sometimes when I am hungry at night it becomes my supper too. I will definitely purchase more of these after I have finished with mine.

Besides that I know it is really important to get my child to eat healthy food but it's always easier said than done, I have tested NutriBrownRice with Miya surprisingly she enjoys it very much, her favorite was the chocolate flavor.

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Best of luck!

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  2. Brown rice , I think we call it here red rice . It's so healthy rice , we grow a lot here in our island . Very good for diabetics therapy.

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