Activities For Kids | Dinosaur Kingdom @ Setia Ecohill Semenyih

by - June 25, 2018

I've been getting so many mails and inquiries regarding the Dinosaur Kingdom at Setia Ecohill in Semenyih and as per request here are the pictures. Due to the weather lately, I only manage to bring Miya for a visit yesterday and we only stayed for an hour because the ques to the rides were crazy and it started to drizzle again. 

Fossil Museum

Fossil Museum 
 Nevertheless, Miya was really happy with her visit, after all, she waited 2 weeks for this #poorthing but I manage to surprise her with this visit on her birthday! It was raining cats and dog the day before so the weather was really nice and cool, we enjoyed our stroll at the park watching life size animatronic dinosaurs, she was amazed by them but she was afraid to come down and go near them. Which is not usual of her to do so, maybe to a 3 year old, it is a little bit scary to face such a big dino. 


Baby Dinosaur Trail

Behnd - Pterosaurs Nest Front - The swamp

Here are some tips if you're planning to visit. 

1. Buy your tickets online or on the themepaktu app queuing to get your tickets is just not worth it, purchase your tickets online and collect it at the counter is much quicker. 

2.  It is free for kids below 3 years old so don't purchase an additional ticket

3. Basic entry ticket only covers entrance fees into the park covers the exhibition, Live Show, Education Hub & Fossil Site. Tokens are needed for rides and games. 

4. No outside food or drinks allowed. They check your bags before entry and outside food or bottled water will be confiscated

5. Bring an umbrella! Rain or shine, bring an umbrella, parking is not easy so you might have to walk abit and in case if it rains you'll be shield. 

Anyway, I hope all of you have fun, do pop by before the park is closes on the 8th July 2018. 

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  1. How much is the entrance ticket?

  2. Price

    * FREE for kids below 3 years old

    They are also doing promo on fave here's the link