Kung Fu Steam Seafood at Bandar Puteri Puchong

by - June 18, 2018

Kung Fu Steam is a Chinese restaurant specializing in seafood steam potting, it's located in Bandar Puteri, Puchong.  The setting of the restaurant is really comfortable, great for large groups and families. The restaurant brings in fresh, live seafood, if you are a seafood lover you will notice the difference in the texture and taste of it, Kung Fu Steam ensure their customers get the greatest quality during their visit here. 

Steam-potting is an alternative to the usual steamboat, unlike steamboat that boils the food, steam potting is cooked using high-speed steaming. The steam cooking method retains the sweetness of the seafood and no seasonings or oil is needed, making it very healthy.

Recently Kung Fu Steam has added new dishes in addition to their menu instead of only steam potting and I was invited for a review, so without further ado, let me introduce you what is available
*p/s picture credits to Jessy Ong

Live Tiger Prawn in Kam Heong Sauce RM47.80 (300gram)
The distinctive flavor of Kam Heong comes from curry leaves and curry powder, this pairing is great for those who loves a tad bit of spice with their prawns. 

Sweet & Sour Chicken RM29.80
Another favorite dish of mine and this is popular among kids, the chicken cutles were perfectly cooked, bursting with sweet and sour flavor without being too overwhelming. 

Kung Pao Chicken RM29.80 
This dish had the perfect balance to it, you could taste the spices in every bite, it is stir fry with chicken breast, peanuts, vegetables, and chili peppers.

Deep-Fried Oatmeal Prawn with Salad RM47.80
I've always loved oatmeal prawns and this version did not disappoint me, the oatmeal layer was super crunchy and the prawns were fresh and juicy! 

Fried Seafood Ramen RM16.80
A superb dish that is well worth the value, this dish comes with fresh prawns, slices of fish and lala clams, the sauce is drizzled ontop of the crunchy ramen. 

Premium Mud Crab in Butter Milk Sauce Seasonal priced
This dish will fulfill all crab lovers appetite and cravings, the meat was thick and fresh and I love the butter milk sauce!

Deep-Fried Fish Fillet with Thai Chili Sauce RM28.80
The Thai Chili sauce was thin but flavorful, it was sweet and spicy, perfect when it was paired with the fish fillets.

Steamed Live Patin Fish RM9.80 (100gram)
The best method to cook your fresh fish, steam it! Savor the original flavor of the fish, you could taste the sweet and succulent fish meat!

Live Clam with Ginger Spring Onion RM34.80 (500gram)
A simple yet satisfying dish, stir fried the fresh lala clams with ginger and onions, the fresh clams were just so sweet and delicious. 

Superior Soup Clam with Rice Noodle RM40.80
Saving the best for last, this is definitely a must try! The broth is just so good, I couldn't stop drinking it, you can taste the freshness and sweetness of the seafood, with all the natural juices of the ingredients locked into the broth.

Overall it was an interesting experience and the dishes were nicely done. Kung Fu Steam is a great family restaurant, the prices are also relatively affordable, it is certainly worth bringing your loved ones.

Kung Fu Steam Steam Seafood
13a, Jln Puteri 7/13A, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday 1130AM - 11PM
Contact: 016-213 2828

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