One Stop Foot Care at Sunfeet International Rehab Center

by - June 13, 2018

We often take our feet for granted, not knowing how important these pillars do for our body. Did you know that, if you are suffering from pain your legs or feet it may contribute to factors that need to be assessed to help determine what might be the cause of your pain?

Last weekend, I got my feet checked at Sunfeet International Rehab Centre in Petaling Jaya led by Dato Dr Edmund Lee, a renowned orthotics specialist in Malaysia. It was a relief that my results were not as bad as I thought they would be, I had to correct my arch problem to help ease the pain on my knees and back aches. This can be easily fixed by either getting a custom made orthotic insole that is built specifically to meet my individual feet, body and health needs.

Orthotics insole are worn in shoes to provide support and realignment for the feet to correct a variety of biomechanical foot problems such as back pain, knee pain, ankle pain and heel & arch pain.

Sunfeet International Rehab Center is a local homegrown brand and they have been around for three generations with the goal to provide affordable and effective Orthotic & Prosthetic solutions to help bring relief to customers.

The center offers foot biomechanical assessment to assess and diagnose causes of patients biomechanical problems and provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan. It's not just about orthotics, it also includes treatment methods like sports rehabilitation and physiotherapy

During my visit, I gain a better understanding of my feet and the common foot conditions that can affect both adults and child. For adults, the common foot conditions are Bunions, High Arch, Heel Spur, and Flatfeet meanwhile common pediatric foot conditions are usually FlatfeetToe-In GaitHeel Vagus and Knock Knee. As a parent, it is important to pay attention to your child's foot problems and don't leave it undiagnosed, correcting and treating it at an early stage will help save you a lot of pain and discomfort, and help you get the most enjoyment out of life.

Most of the modern-day footwear does not support the feet properly, this can be easily solved with a pair of orthopedic shoes. At Sunfeet International, you can find a selection of stylish orthopedic footwear available for both adults and children and it does not mean we have to compromise on style either! Check out my favorite pair of sports shoes, I could feel instant relief upon putting it on! It is time to show consideration for your health, gift yourself a pair of healthy, comfy orthopedic shoes.

Sunfeet International Rehab Center is a one-stop solution center for all your foot problems, the brand takes a holistic approach to eliminating pain, fixing issues and ultimately improving well-being. They believe in treating the cause and not just the symptoms. Drop by the center with your family and kids and get your feet check and asses for free because we all know prevention is better than cure and it's never too late to get your problems fixed!

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Sunfeet International Rehab Center
Blk C, 18 JALAN 19/1, Seyksen 19, Petaling Jaya, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday 10AM-7PM
Contact: 013-528 3939 

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