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by - June 25, 2018

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog, with the recent changes I've made lately, going organic is the switch I've made. Thank you icareorganics for the sponsorship of these 3 wonderful products to start me off with, if you appreciate the resources of mother nature and believe that using natural and organic products will benefit our body in a long run then please visit their online store at their products are carefully selected and tested so that our customers can enjoy safe and high quality products with greater peace of mind.

Awareness is the key and knowing what you put on and in your body is essential. It is important to detoxify your body of all the impurities and synthetic ingredients. Avril skin care is certified organic, it stands for purity, quality, and trust. Certified organic products contain only top quality plant-based ingredients that are guaranteed to have never been exposed to pesticides, a serious health concern for everyone.

Avril Cleansing Gel 100ml - certified organic by ECOCERT

A daily essential for all skin type, this cleanser is enriched with organic Aloe Vera which will help moisturize the skin and organic Calendula to help soothe and deeply hydrates the skin. The cleanser is soap free which makes it gentle but effective cleanser to keep skin irritation away.

Avril Face Cream for Day 50ml - certified organic by ECOCERT

This face cream is specially formulated to protect skin from oxidative stress and UV radiation damage, it is packed with organic sweet almond oil and organic macadamia oil to keep our skin soft and supple. Upon application the face cream soaks in well, leaving my face feeling smooth and plump.

Avril Face Oil with Argan Oil 50ml - certified organic by ECOCERT

This has been a favorite of mine ever since I got my hands on it, this oil is lightweight, so it does not feel greasy on your face and it is packed with organic argan oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, gold alga extract and butterfly lavender extract, the oil helps to nourish and protect your skin.

If you're ready to discover the amazing benefits of Certified Organic skincare, use code JIASHINBEAUTY10 for 10% OFF your purchase at
**promo ends this 8th July 2018.

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  1. So beauty and clean product hehehe because the women are now more beautiful and more clever to their beauty ..

  2. organic is what people want now, right? price may be a little bit higher. but, when it is organic... natural... what say u?
    for a longlasting beauty and healthy life, we must choose organic based. like this avril organic skin care :)

  3. I love organic and natural beauty products! Because we know that the product is totally safe. Avril skin care is a good choice. Will try this next!

  4. Wow the products look good. I want to try Avril face oil. I prefer non oily texture. By the way the packaging is clean.

  5. Serius memang bagus bahan organic ni walaupun kesannya lambat tapi puas hati. Tak macam produk local banyak merkuri. Serius jadi serik. Now i pakai yang organic aje. Muka pun bebas jerawat sekarang :)

  6. First saw the brand name..who? Avril? that singer? But this product look promising with their good ingredients. I will check this out soon.

  7. TB pun akan pilik produk yang organic.. sebab TB ni berkulit sensitif.. Avril ni kandungannya bagus dan semulajadi.. untuk kulit sensitif macam TB mesti sesuai sangat ni.. will check it out later

  8. i mmg suka produk organik. sebab tahu jangka mas apanjang dia memang elok. tak pernah lagi dengar brand ni tapi bolehlah cuba lepas ni... sbb i dan famili mmg pengguna produk organik yang tegar

  9. i mmg suka produk organik. sebab tahu jangka mas apanjang dia memang elok. tak pernah lagi dengar brand ni tapi bolehlah cuba lepas ni... sbb i dan famili mmg pengguna produk organik yang tegar

  10. I believe organics has been many people's choice and this brand is good too. started to use this product and i love the end result feels.