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by - June 16, 2018

If you've been following me on my Instagram stories (@jiashinlee) and you have questions about the PRP treatment I did, then this post will explain everything! You know how we just want a little extra help sometimes with our skin to improve our the overall texture of it, giving it a more youthful appearance without looking overdone?

Furthermore, I am still breastfeeding my baby hence I needed treatments which is safe and natural. Platelet Rich Plasma aka PRP is a completely natural way to rejuvenate your skin without aggressive lasers, surgery, chemicals or toxin since it uses our own platelet rich plasma there is no risk of allergic reaction as well.

Always trust your face to a certified doctor! My PRP treatment was done at Alps Medical Center with Dr Benjamin George. During my consultation, I pointed out my concerns to him which were the sunken spot on my cheekbones, uneven skin tone and the pigmentation on my cheeks. Dr Benjamin was prompt and immediately put me at ease, he ran through the procedure step by step so I was fully aware of what to expect before we went into the treatment room.


PRP treatment is also referred as Vampire Facial, it works by using your own platelet cells from your own blood to rejuvenate the appearance of facial tissue. The growth factors in our platelets can stimulate collagen synthesis, skin renewal, cell growth, and tissue regeneration giving you smoother, younger-looking skin. Results can be seen within a week and will continue to improve over a period of 4-6 weeks.

My face right before the injection, notice my sunken part on my cheeckbone?


Step 1 - Numbing
Local anesthetic cream is applied to our face for 40 minutes

Step 2 - Extract Plasma
A small amount of blood is collected from the patient, which is put into a centrifuge which then divides components of the blood.

Step 3 - Inject
The thickened serum that is produced consists of platelets - this PRP is then injected back into the skin for facial rejuvenation.

This was taken right after the injection, my face was tomato red and still super numb


I have a fear of needles and I never really liked them, so I was really nervous during the entire time but much to my surprise, I didn't feel a thing throughout the entire procedure, there wasn't any discomfort at all and if you're wondering what about after the numbing went away? Don't worry there's no pain at all.

One week after the procedure
Zoom in to see my poreless baby skin ❤ 


On the very next day, I had a few bruises on my face the next day but it went away after a week so it wasn't much of a problem for me. Most importantly, I love the results ❤❤❤ 

The PRP treatment was very effective, giving me glowy, plumped-up, poreless skin, overall improvement in skin hydration, texture and skin tone can be seen. I also notice the reduction of my smile line which I really hated and I didn't want to use fillers and I'm so happy that PRP works on that part too! To maintain my skin young this is a treatment I wouldn't mind doing again because it's worth it.

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