Groom Your Baby With JOYKIDS Nail Trimmer and JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner

by - March 17, 2019

Do you have all the things you need for your baby's arrival? Here are two baby care essentials I would love to introduce to parents to get you prepared for your bundle of joy. The JOYKIDS Bundle Blessing consists of JOYKIDS Nail Trimmer and JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner which is good to have because they will have to ease your parenting journey.

Cutting a baby's nails is not an easy task, I know many parents struggle with it, to be honest, I am really scared myself because I'm like the clumsiest person on earth and I've made some mistakes in the past like overcutting my daughter's nail but we've got to trim their nails because they grow so fast and I am worried they might scratch their own face which leads me to choose an easy and safe method to trim Mina's nails - JOYKIDS Nail Trimmer.

JOYKIDS Nail Trimmer is an electric nail trimmer, it makes trimming baby's nail safer and easier. The trimmer comes with six different grinding heads, three for children and three for adults, so it's not just for babies, I would say this product can works for the entire family, for hygiene purposes just remember to clean the grinding heads after using it.

There's also two features I really appreciate which is the LED front light and the quiet technology, If you find it difficult to trim your baby's nails when they are awake, try doing it when they are asleep, these two functions will help you do it quietly without waking up your baby.

Babies fall sick easily, if your baby is stuffed up they wouldn't know how to clear congestion this is where the JOYKIDS Nose Cleaner comes in handy. This electric nasal aspirator generates enough suction to remove stubborn mucus while not harming your baby's delicate sinuses, don't worry the suction is not too strong, I've personally tried it on my hands before using it on my baby.

There are two different nozzles sizes, molded of soft BPA free silicone and it will fit your baby's nose comfortably, all you need to do is insert the tip into your baby teeny nostril and release it to collect mucus. There are also two levels of suction to choose from and if your baby is playful like mine, just turn on the colorful lights and music, these will distract her so you'll get a chance to clean her up.

This product does a great job and your baby will have a better sleep which is important for them to fully recover from a bad cold. I've just tried it on Mina recently since she's having a cold, she feels so much better after having the stubborn mucus sucked out.

The JOYKIDS Bundle Blessing will make the perfect baby shower gift for parents who are expecting, it's currently on sale so go check it out at

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