Miya Goes To Preschool

by - March 05, 2019

It's been a month since I've enrolled Miya to a nearby kindergarten near our place and I am just so excited to write down these precious memories of our little journey. Miya is turning 4 this year and although I've got some bad feedback telling me I shouldn't send her to preschool at such a young age, I still did.

"You're taking away her childhood from her," said someone, "She'll ace in class if she is smart," said another. Well, my intention for sending her for preschool wasn't because I want her to perform academically, I just wanted her to have friends, be a little bit more discipline and learn basic English.

Miya's class is from 8am to 1130am, she doesn't bring home homework and she is also given a lot of playtime at her preschool, to be honest, there's not much different from going to the nanny except that she has to wake up earlier and dressed in a uniform this kinda disciplines her to sleep earlier.

Week 1
This was the hardest, I think a lot of mummies will face what I face, she was shy and scared until the extent she cried every day on her first week of school because she still has a hard time coping with separation. 

My husband actually starting doubting my decision as well but I had to keep reassuring him she will be fine, kids adapt well and I have confidence she will be fine. Anyway the first week, I was busy with work so I didn't spend much time sending her to school, it was all daddy and Miya but we made it through YAY!

Just some TIPS to ease the process of going to a preschool because I was a little bit blur at first but small changes like that really change things.

#1 Remember to label everything
Miya's teacher mistaken her lunch box and she created quite a scene. I got these super cute stickers printed for RM13 100pcs

#2 Remind the teacher to ask her if she needs to go to the toilet.
Miya is toilet trained but she wet her pants on the first day because she was still really shy and didn't how to communicate with the teacher.

#3 Go to bed early
Miya sleeps at 11pm some days she sleeps at 12 and when she doesn't get enough sleep she is super cranky which is why putting her to bed early was the key.

Week 2

We survived week 2!!! I gave her motivation daily to go to school, Miya is addicted to LOL surprise dolls after grandpa got her the first ball so I told her if she goes to preschool for all 5 days she will get a new one to add into her addition. 

This week was better, she started making friends with her classmate and she was excited to meet them the next day. She also learned a few new songs and surprisingly she started speaking simple English at home, that was a huge achievement because at the moment she only converses in Mandarin with everyone.

Week 3

There's nothing difficult anymore, she goes to bed early because she knows she is going to school to meet her friends and she looks forward to her first session of preschool which is the singing and dancing class.  

One day she made me ROLMAO when she told her dad to keep quiet, he was stunned when she said it, like where did you learn that from? Miya casually replied Teacher Mila thought her, well glad that she's learning something but we had to explain to her why she wasn't allowed to speak like that and why her teacher said that to her but eventually it got through her.

Week 4

She is like the DAI GA JIE aka big sister of her class, she holds her classmates hand after class, shares her food during break time, I can see that she is enjoying preschool. She also got really close to one of her teachers.

At the moment she has progressed quite well, she even started learning how to write at home, despite there wasn't any homework, she tends to give herself "homework".

I have no regrets sending her to preschool at 4 years old, seeing her progress rapidly surprises me how much a kid can absorb when they are given a chance, I could also see her progress well both socially and academically, I am also getting a lot of questions from her which is great because that shows that she is learning and she is curious.

Does your kid attend preschool? What are your experiences? Do share them with me, I'll like to learn more from other mummies as well :) 

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