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by - March 16, 2019

Do you know 9 in 10 Malaysians suffer from one or more sleep problems? This year I had the chance to learn more about World Sleep Day with AmLife which is a total sleep health expert, using holistic ways to improve sleep, as well as address sleep-related matters including health, beauty, and wellness.

Just take a look at the insights on the Sleep Health survey by The Nielsen Company. It seems like Malaysians are not resting properly and sleep is important to let the brain and body get rest, on top of ensuring the hormones are balanced and improving immunity to diseases. Guess it's time we think about our sleeping patterns because it might affect us in the long term if we continue on with such patterns.

Every year, March 15 is observed as World Sleep Day this is the day that highlights the importance of sleep in our lives, back for the fourth year in a row, Amlife returned with its World Sleep Day tribute, co-hosted by the World Sleep Society, AmLife presented a sleep health showcase at the Sunway Resort Hotel.

Incorporating this year's World Sleep Day slogan, "Healthy Sleep, Healthy Aging" Amlife introduced their innovative, sleep health products which included the debut of the AmPower Platinum Blanket, an anti-aging technology from Japan which assures its user not only quality sleep but also to wake up feeling restored, refreshed and rejuvenated.

I had a chance to try out the blanket myself during the showcase and here is a quick intro for AmPower Platinum Blanket.

What is AmPower Platinum Blanket?

AmPower Platinum Blanket is the latest invention in the sleep health industry, it is made of platinum fiber and superior cotton and it has the ability to help resist the room's cool temperature and dampness, promote metabolism and slow down our aging process.

How does it work?

The technology behind is simple, the AmPower Platinum Blanket produces one trillion vibrations per second which helps change the structure of the water molecules in the human body. When the water molecules are smaller, it becomes more active, in return, it helps promote the lymphatic circulation, accelerate toxin removal from the body and strengthen the body defense against wind, cold and dampness.

How much is it and where can I get it?

The AmPower Platinum Blanket comes in two sizes, Single and Double. The single is priced at RM8,600 and Double is priced at RM11,100.

I've got good news for those who are interested to purchase please, contact Evi 012-2160266 and mention this code AL02, you will be able to own the AmPower Platinum Blanket single for only RM6,880 (save RM1,720) or Double for only RM8,880 (save RM2,220)
*this code is only valid until 30th June 2019, so hurry!

Having recently launched their new tagline, “Life, Redefined,” AmLife is advocating Malaysians achieve better health through better sleep, thus redefining their lives. Founder and President of AmLife, Mr. Lew Mun Yee is a firm believer in natural healing through deep sleep. AmLife believes that everyone should have dreams and should chase after them. In our journey to realizing our dreams, we need to have a healthy body to pursue those destinations, and more importantly, enjoy the journey and the fruits of success.

Commemorating to the event, we also got the chance to hear from international speakers cum sleep experts, Dr. David Samson, Assistant Professor in Biological Anthropology at the University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada, and Dr. Koyabu Miki, Integrated Chinese & Western medicine practitioner from Japan.

To recognize AmLife’s effort to promote sleep quality in the international arena and their efforts in sleep education in the region, the World Sleep Society, an international organization founded by the World Sleep Federation and World Association of Sleep Medicine, presented the 2018 Distinguished Sleep Award to AmLife at the event. This is AmLife’s second time winning this award – a testament to their efforts in the sleep-health arena.

AmLife will continue championing the cause of good sleep for healthy aging by continuously bringing more natural sleep-aids that does not require medication or invasive injections into the Malaysian market.

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