Holim Giant Tea, Daddy J Fried Chicken, Ali Tomyam at Tesco Mutiara Damansara Supermarket

by - March 08, 2019

Have you ever enjoyed a food experience in a grocery store? Check out these 3 food counters inside Tesco Mutiara Damansara Supermarket - Holim Giant Tea, Daddy J Fried Chicken, and Ali Tomyam.

Holim Giant Tea is a tea shop that offers a wide variety of tea drinks, at the moment they have 30 choices to choose from and the best seller is the Holim Signature Giant Milk Tea. Aside from their speciality tea offerings, there's also coffee, coco, fresh QQ juice, soda fruit tea and smoothies to choose from and Holim drinks comes in 3 sizes, Small, Big and Hot (this size is gigantic and it's also reasonably priced) 

With 10 different toppings to choose from, your drink will have different textures to it. Most of the time I only add pearls to my drink but I have fallen in love with the QQ Jelly, these little juice balls are filled with yoghurt like flavours which reminds me of Yakult, I just love how it burst in every sip.

Daddy J Fried Chicken serves you fried chicken that is not too oily and yet still juicy and tender, what makes it special is the sauce that comes with your food, there are 5 choices to choose from Special Rendang Sauce, Sambal Sauce, BBQ, Garlic Honey Sweet Sauce and Mayo Spicy Butter Sauce.

Daddy Set A RM5.90

Daddy Set B RM7.90

Daddy Burget Set RM6.90

Each set of Daddy J Chicken comes with a soft drink and rice and you'll get to choose two sauce per meal, a favourite combination of mine is Rendang Sauce with BBQ! A must try! It might sound weird but trust me this combination is the bomb!

Ali Tomyam brings a twist to one of Malaysia's local dishes, originated from Perlis the broth has been fine-tuned into a mixture of tomyam and Malaysian laksa and the outcome is simply delicious! The broth of Ali Tomyam is tangy and spicy which makes this a warm and comforting dish that effortlessly reminds me of home.

Tomyam Laksa RM7.90

Tomyam Cham Cham RM9.90

I manage to try out the signature Tomyam Laksa the portion was pretty generous, it was good enough for a friend and I and Tomyam Cham Cham which reminds me of oden but this version is spicier, the Cham Cham includes, fishcakes, crab sticks, vege balls and BIG fish balls.

To know more about this 3 food counters, like their facebook page for more updates
Holim Giant Tea https://www.facebook.com/Holim.GiantTea/
Daddy J fried Chicken https://www.facebook.com/Daddy-J-fried-Chicken-221492672042524/
Ali Tom Yam https://www.facebook.com/Ali-Tomyam-2154337814892101/

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