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by - January 20, 2015


Hello baobei! I can't believe that it's real! You're a blessing, a gift from god and I can't wait to see you soon,  152 days to go :) 

Papa and I have gone through a roller coaster before knowing your existence. My advise to all 1st time preggers, if you don't trust the 1st gyne or you find that something is wrong, try another gyne, go to the public hospital for another check up before jumping into any conclusion.

Upon recommendation from my GP he introduce me to my 1st gyne, which was my nightmare not to mention very very expensive as well, his charges are higher than the gyne in a private hospital! After the ultrasound scanning he gave me, he told me I had a miscarriage because the baby had no heart beat and advise me to go to a hospital to clear the womb before I start bleeding then it will be a mess etc etc. Well that wasn't what I expect to hear and I was clearly disappointed with the whole incident.

Thank god I had mumzilla! She told me to get a second opinion before admitting myself to clear out my womb, I went to Hospital Putrajaya for another check up. Thank god! Thank god! They told me my baby had a heart beat and the other doctor made a mistake. wtf right! The 1st gyne was so confident, he told me he was 100% sure it had no heart beat. Seriously he gave me a heart attack! My husband and I decided to keep this news until we feel that the baby will be with us till the end because we didn't want to go through the horror again.

Anyway besides that horror story, our baby is strong and healthy now. We are visiting Dr Ng Soon Peng in Columbia Asia Puchong. He's a very gentle doctor and every time hubs goes there he's very excited to see our baby on the monitor when doc is doing the scan and we get a copy of a ultrasound scan each time :)

I'm currently in my 2nd trimester, 18 weeks now. Everything is well except that I'm not very happy with the weight I put on T____T

Pre pregnancy weight: 52kg
18 weeks pregnancy weight: 58kg

Anyway hubs and I just want a healthy baby, I will work even harder to loose all the weight I've put on during pregnancy!

I shall see you soon baobei xoxo

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