Tok Syed Balm Bayi Review

by - April 11, 2018


Every time the weather or climate suddenly changes, kids easily fall sick, they usually catch a cold, cough and fever. With Miya's recent cough & flu and the arrival of the new baby, it was not easy for me as a parent, I had to separate them in different rooms making sure the smaller one didn't catch the bug but I also needed Miya to recover and get well soon.

Then I was introduced to Tok Syed Balm Bayi, a natural version of an age-old remedy, this baby balm is a great aid to soothe cold and flu symptoms or chest rub for a cough and congestion, it is made with safe and 100% natural ingredients like VCO, Sunflower Oil and a mixture of cold pressed essential oil and it's approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia.

Tok Syed Balm Bayi helps relieves cough and cold, it allows our little ones to breathe more freely and calm down before sleeping and most importantly it's amazingly effective as well, why do I say that? I've been using it for myself and both my kids, aged 3 years old and newborn, the balm is gentle to the skin, the smell is pleasant and it works like wonders.

Just apply Tok Syed Balm Bayi onto the chest area, soles of the feet and the back of the body before heading to bed, it will ease the nasal passage for a peaceful sleep. For the congested nose, you may also apply a little bit on the T zone of your child's face. Besides using it for cough and cold, I also use it on my newborn to prevent bloated tummy and so far Mina does not have any bloating issues.

All in all, Tok Syed Balm Bayi is a must-have for any mum and an essential household item that is great for anyone else for that matter! Tok Syed Balm Bayi is available for purchase at RM80 on their website, click on the link HERE

For more information on Tok Syed visit their website or their facebook page

If you're interested to become a stockist please visit or call No Telefon HQ Tok Syed for more information 0168262990

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