Prenatal Exercise Classes in Bangsar by Emma Jory

by - April 06, 2018

Did you know exercising during pregnancy helps us feel better physically as well as mentally because the body goes through such big changes? My goal to exercise while I'm pregnant is not to become muscular or lose weight but it's overall good health for me and my baby as well as a smooth and easy labour. Thank you Emma for her prenatal exercises classes, the exercise thought by Em has helped prepare me for my labour.

Prenatal exercise classes can help increase your fitness, flexibility, there are also techniques you can learn to reduce pain, and sometimes even have an easier or less painful birth. Speaking from experience, prenatal classes and exercising during pregnancy has really helped me during labour and I've done it with both my pregnancy so it's a proven fact for me.

So here's my labour story and how prenatal exercise has helped me with it!

I opt for a normal delivery without epidural or the laughing gas, the laughing gas didn't work for me on my first child, it did not ease my pain whenever the contraction came, so with or without it, there's no difference. What helped me when I was 6cm dilated, was my phone and the breathing techniques as well as my husband's support. I got my mind to focus on the breathing as well as shopping online until the baby was ready to be out. It took me 4 pushes and the baby was out! I was blessed to be one of those lucky ones who didn't need to go through a long labour pain, I was out within 2 hours. My hubs even joked about how I made it look so easy, we should have another child. #yeahright!

So here are some really simple moves I'll love to share with pregnant mummies out there, hopefully, it will benefit you as much as it did for me.

#1 Breathing
Focus on your breathing, breathe in slowly through your nose so that your stomach moves out against your hand. Longer deeper breathe helps to relax the body and ensures the body holds less tension and therefore feels less pain.
Avoid short sharp breathes into the chest as this creates tension and makes the body feel more stressed.

#2 Hip circles
This simple exercise is great for you to relax, it can be done while sitting on the ball or standing. Slowly swing your hips from left to right, perform this movement slowly for a number of repetitions, and repeat on the other side.

#3 Rocking
Free up the pelvis and lower back with this exercises, you can do this while leaning on the ball or just all fours on a workout mat. Start by pressing your hips backwards and forward to start rocking.

#4 Squats
Sitting in squat position against the wall or a workout ball will help to open the pelvis and groin, this will help on the flexible for labour. Do this exercise for a minute each time because the average length of contractions usually lasts one minute.

Remember to focus on your breathing to relax the body during each of these exercises, long deep breaths help relax the body while short and sharp breathes tightens the muscles that help you breathe, and this makes you more nervous hence causes even more tension.

I really enjoyed my prenatal exercises classes with Emma, she is a wonderful instructor that helps guide you through your journey, it was easy to open up to her, tell her your problems you're facing during your pregnancy, for example, if you're having back pain during pregnancy or pelvic pain, Emma will be happy to modify the moves for you and she'll guide you on exercises that will ease the pain as well.

About Emma Jory
Emma is an Internationally Certified & Experienced Instructor. She holds yoga, pilates as well as prenatal and postnatal classes in Bangsar, check out her timetable here or email Emma on for more enquiries. She also has an Online Membership for those who can't attend her classes physically, more info can be found here

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Emma is giving all my readers a discount!! The code is PARENTHOODMonthly for Monthly Membership or PARENTHOODannual for Annual Membership. So hurry up and sign up for a session with Emma, most importantly mummies, stay fit and healthy for labour and enjoy your labour :)

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  1. Bagus ada tempat terbaik tuk bakal ibu menjaga kesihatan. Preggy mum pun memang harus ada senaman. Stamina sangat diperlukan semasa proses delivery baby nanti. Good luck!

  2. U pun dah selamat melahirkan baby kan?. Kalau mengandung ni kena ikut cara senaman yang betul sebab takut nanti boleh mencederakan kita sebab badan kita sensitif semasa mengandung. Tips yang bagus untuk wanita mengandung yang nak melakukan senaman.

  3. I have heard of all those horror stories that make me cringe. How lucky of you to have easy labour, all thanks to the exercise you did. Now I know the secret to an easy labour!

  4. wow so good! even u also give a demo about pregnancy women doing the exercise, if i got wife definitely i will asked her to follow this blog

  5. its been so long i did not preggy..hehehe...i missed all the memories when i was pregnant 14 yrs ago..well prenatal exercise is good for mother isnt it..its helps a lot. Nice sharing..

  6. Thanks for the tips dear. Bestnya dapat join Prenatal Exercise Classes ni. I masa pregnant my exercise is banyak berjalan and naik turun tangga sebab my house tingkat 2 ☺

  7. Emma is goo in teaching Prenatal exercise. I love her class and she gives a clear instruction. she understand mummy condition and cater the suitable exercise for preggie mummy. Breathing is one of the thing mummy should master it as it helps for delivering.

  8. Wahhhhh! Bagusnya u pregnant pun masih rajin turun exercise, kita yang tak pregnant ni, selalu hangat-hangat tahi ayam,hahaha... tapi bagus sebenarnya exercise waktu pregnant ni, memudahkan waktu bersalin dan banyak lagi la kan...Semoga dapat anak yang sihat dan comel nanti :D

  9. We always look at the western people like this pregnant mother's exercise because they make it easier for the child to get pregnant later. Perhaps this culture is still lacking in Malaysians but it has to be continued ...

  10. Dari dulu berangan nak ada bola tu untuk exercise sudahnya sampai sekarang tak beli... Nak u seronok buat exercise time preggy he he he

  11. Wah seronoknya. Suka pula tengok orang hamil. Comelnya. Masa hamil badan kita banyak berubah. Memang patut bersenam dan regangkan badan. Nanti nak bersalin ada tenaga untuk push. Kadang2 tips orang lain, hanya berjalan kaki sahaja dah memadai. Sebenarnya tidak. Sekurang-kurangnya lakukan senaman regangan. Paling dengan guna yoga ball tu. Hehe.

  12. But the malays always takut to exercise during their pregnancy. Hahaha. Yeah, i also heard that when you exercise during pregnancy, when delivering the baby it will become easier. May you and your baby always be in a good health

  13. Oh yes!! exercise before and after delivery with a proper guidance from expert is important because you dont want to have any complications right.

  14. i never attend this class. but i can see all techniques and exercises that you learn can help you during delivery :-)

  15. Thank you for your sharing ! I tak kahwin lagi hahahaa i tak faham segala sesetangah ayat ayat yang ada. Tunggu kawin baru baca lagi entry ni haha. Bagus excersice waktu pregnant ni, boleh buatkan kita lagi bertenaga nak kandung anak 9 bulan haha

  16. One great classes for all mommies to be. Accompanied my sister in law before to attend this kind of class in Penang and she feels the different after giving birth to the 1st n 2nd one... The third one much more relax and fast

  17. Nice. I've done all 4 exercise last time I'm pregnant. Really helps to ease the "tension" and 1001 other pregnant stuff ailment.