Mummy Diary - Walking Child

by - April 28, 2016


Miya is growing real fast now. Before I know it she's learning how to walk! Which makes it harder now that I have to fool proof my whole room.

I make sure that she doesn't reaches for anything that's out of boundaries. She has a love for controls and she knows if it's a working control and a spoiled control cause I was trying not to be a smarty pants, wanted to trick her in using the one that's not working but #plannedfailed

Here are some precautions we ought to take
1. Get rid of sharp edges
2. Extra padding for the floor
3. Make sure dangerous items are out of reach

Anyway I've been talking about her nursery for quite a while now I think it's time I focus on that project!

It's my dream to create a montessori at home.

Pink room, teepee, wall decals, toys, pillows, books, kitchen, perhaps unicorns lol cause mummy loves unicorns.

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