Till we meet again

by - November 09, 2016

15252693_10154868697286015_8353639278478830364_o2016 is about to end soon. It's November now, it's been a hard year for Ricky and I. We are sure we will go through this but something bad fell upon our head.

Ah poo left us, on the 6th November. The heartbreak is too hard to bare. The house is filled with sorrow, our neighbors are equally sad, we've been crying.

Saying good bye was not easy, I was never prepared, I wasn't suppose to be so soon Ah poo. Today as I drove around the neighborhood, I had flashback as if it was yesterday.

I remember once I took you the big field, you manage to shove the collar off you and you were so free, running around, freely and it gave me an heart attack cause you wouldn't stop. Then there was this other time we went to the smaller field, I drove you in my car, I think Ricky was away that day, we bumped into a bunch of dogs, they wanted to attack you, we had to run for our lives, lol, that was hilarious.

As I was going through our old pictures, I notice how much you've aged, I forgotten that someday you'll grow old too, I've take advantage of your love, the endless love you gave us.

I could never forget the last words I told you, you were in pain and it hurts me seeing you in such pain, I'm sorry I wasn't back earlier and I wish I did not go to work that day, I should have taken a day off, I should have trusted my instinct and stayed back. This is my only regret.

I apologize to you as I stroke your head softly, I gave you a hug, I gave you one last belly rub, I thanked you for looking after us all these years, I said sorry for not being there for you when you needed me most, I told you it was okay for you to leave, I told you to go to sleep. These were my last words and I wish I had more time with you.

Today papa forgotten that you were gone. He woke up from his nap and went into the kitchen, as usual he was about to prepare your dinner I reminded him that you're gone now and the sadness in his eyes made me cry.

Today Miya was looking for you before her sleep, she cried, she open the door and asked for ah poo, I told her you've gone gaigai, you're now in heaven loking over us.

My dear ah poo, I hope you had a great 7 years with us, I hope you enjoyed the days we went for walks, I hope you enjoyed me rubbing you, I hope you had fun playing with the toys we bought you, we love seeing you shake your head and the way you played with your toy. You will always be missed.

xoxo, mama, jia shin <3

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