9 Cities in 15 days in India Part 4

by - March 10, 2017

Day 11 - Reckong Peo

 It was not an easy route for us, from Sarahan to Reckong Peo, the roads were narrow and curvy roads, it only allows a car to drive pass at a time so the driver had to be very skillful and alert when driving. I was quite tensed the entire journey but it was a one of a kind experience. It was a 6 hours drive, we stayed a night at a budget hotel, one of the worst I've stayed in India because all the fancy hotels were up in the hill and the roads were blocked because of the heavy snowing.

We got our heater fixed before heading to Shimla, if you notice that's my small little heater I used throughout my entire stay in India.

Day 12 & 13 - Shimla

Shimla is my favorite city in this entire trip, it is the capital and largest city in Himachal Pradesh. There's a little bit more entertainment in this city and as a city girl I'm just glad that I'm back to the city after days of travelling in the mountains. Finally I could enjoy a hot shower.

Shimla is also well noted for its its buildings styled in Tudorbethan and neo-Gothic architecture dating from the colonial era, it reminds of us very much of Europe, the weather in Shimla was magnificent as well, it's cold but you still get the sunshine, the street food were awesome, until today I still tell Ricky I'll like to go back and visit again. Most importantly, there's shopping to be done here, lots of big brands are available in Shimla.  

Here are some of the restaurant you might want to drop by when you're in Shimla. The food was great and prices was affordable, I'm definitely looking forward to visit these places again.
  Ashiana & Goofa 
The Ridge, Lower Bazaar, Shimla 171001, India 

This restaurant is owned and managed by Himachal Tourist department, the quality and service was excellent, we had dinner here and the food was delicious besides that the restaurant has a good ambiance and it's perfectly located at the ridge itself.
Honey Hut Cafe
70 The Mall Road, Shimla 171001, India

A cute cafe to stop by after shopping. The cafe sells everything made out of honey, so we had honey coffee, honey tee and honey cakes. Overall a very pleasant cafe to enjoy tea time.
Trishool Bakers and Confectionary 
Mall Road, Shimla 

MOMOS (dumpling) are a must try here! We saw there were lots of youngsters lining up, so we decided to try it out and it was so good, we had 2 plates of it. The fillings are chicken or veggies then dipped in green and red chili sauce.

Boys will always be boys, Ricky suggested we took the toy train from Shimla to Kalka it was around 5-6 hours but if you're a scenery person this will be the gem of the trip.The toy train offers a grand view of pine covered hill tops, flora and fauna, and the typical picture which makes the hills, queen of hills, it's actually a great way to explore the great Himalayas.Overall it was a wonderful and thrilling ride.

The railway route is 96km from Kalka to Shimla has more than 806 bridges and 103 tunnels,it was touted as an engineering feat and came to be known as the "British Jewel of the Orient". In 2008, it became part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mountain railways of India.

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