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by - August 23, 2017

Thai food is filled with flavors that tickle our taste bud, sweet, sour and spicy and I love the spicy and fiery flavors. Soi 19 Thai Steamboat and BBQ is located along Old Klang Road right just after the turning into Kuchai Lama. This cozy Thai Restaurant operates from 5pm till 3am in the morning, which makes it a great late night spot, it has become a great place to fix your Thai food craving and while you're at it enjoy a cup of chilled beer. Everything comes in pretty generous portions and prices are incredibly affordable.

Here are some of their signature dish I've tried during my visit, special thanks to Jessy Ong for organizing such a lovely dinner for all the bloggers.

Som Tam 

This is one of my favorite Thai dishes, I always order one before I start my meal, the refreshing salad that comes with tangy, sweet, sour and spicy flavors, perfect as a starter because it makes everything else really appetizing. 

Mango Salad RM16.90

Papaya Salad RM16.90

Kerabu Si Ham RM16.90 

Finger Food

These great snacks taste even better when paired with beer! Their fried pork is full of flavors which are retained in the meat, making it sweet, soft and tender.

Lap Moo Tad | Fried Dried Pork RM8.90 & Moo Dad Deow | Fried Sirloin PorkRM8.90

Rice + Noodle

Pad Kat Pau Moo wt Rice RM12.90
Fried minced pork with basil leaf is one of the most beloved Thai street food dish of all time. It was tasty with garlicky-spicy minced pork, fresh basil and the flavour was just right!

Pad Moo Gatiam with Rice Set RM9.90
One delicious preparation by Soi 19, this dish is simply a blend of cooked rice, fried garlic pork and vegetables, and sauces tossed in vegetable oil.

Pat Thai RM12.90
My all time favorite traditional fried Thai noodle, it a must have whenever I dine at a Thai Restaurant, Soi 19 did not disappoint me, the noodle’s texture is smoother with a bright and translucent color and I love how they fried it a little bit wet and not too dry.


Mookata needs no introduction, enjoy cooking your ingredients on a dome-shaped metal grill over a charcoal fire and surrounded by a moat for the soup stock which is the best of both worlds. A must try in Soi19.  Here is the Combo Set RM69.90 which includes pork, chicken, lamb, and seafood with mix vegetables.

Jim Jom

This is my first time trying out this dish, it is called Jim Jom, basically it is a small clay pot filled with aromatic broth and the pot sits over a bed of charcoal. My favorite part will be enjoying the broth at the end when you've placed all your ingredients in it. For beer lovers, you could also add in beer for a different taste of the broth. You will be surprised with its taste. As for the Jim Jom we went with a Pork Set (300g) RM39 includes slice pork and sirloin with mix vegetables.

Overall I really love this Thai Restaurant this is a place you can go back any day for an awesome and satisfying Thai meal. I don't think you can go wrong with whatever you order here. I really enjoy how good they are with the pricing and I am glad they are keeping things affordable, this is definitely a place to bring your family and friends.

SOI19 Lifestyle
21, Jalan 1a/114, Kuchai Business Centre, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: 5pm - 3am
Contact: +60 17-699 0889

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  1. Ohh lots of leavy foods and i love these! This is perfect for all who diet but want to enjoy foods :)
    Good review!

  2. the food seem lovely, unfortunately i can't go as they have pork menu.... good review btw

  3. You got me at Thai food! Period! Everything is just a luscious add on. Its pure heaven is Thai food!