Non Toxic Eco Friendly Fashion Diapers by Offspring Natural

by - September 06, 2017

Dirty diapers is something we will come across with during our parenting journey and making sure your little one’s bum stays clean and dry is crucial to keeping her comfortable and avoiding diaper rash. I recently came across with a Offspring Natural, an eco-friendly, organic and natural product which is made in Australia and fully imported to Malaysia. Despite being relatively new in the market, it has already gained a following of parents who swear by it. Having read the feedback I am looking forward to trying their products on Miya especially the fashion diapers which is so cute and adorable!

Offspring Natural diapers are non-toxic, completely free of dyes, fragrances, lotions, chloride, phthalates, optical brighteners, and latex. Whilst disposable nappies are convenient, we also want to ensure we don’t negatively impact our children’s future world too much! Their diapers come in two types, Offspring Fashion Diapers, and Offspring Featherlite Ultra-Thin Diapers and Pants.

Offspring Fashion diapers come in 6 designs to choose from, these colorful prints on these diapers just made nappy changing time fun for our little ones, it has certainly distracted my 2 year old from jumping around but the diapers are not just cute, they actually work! A good fit is also very important for comfort and leak prevention, Offspring Fashion diapers keep moisture away from the surface with its superior absorbency, I have tested a packed and so far I have zero complaints because these cute yet fashionable diapers lasted Miya all night long.

Offspring Featherlite Ultra-Thin Diapers is another favorite, it is one of the thinnest diapers in the market with only 2.0mm in thickness, I love how to look really good under Miya tight leggings, they are lightweight yet breathable which makes it perfect for the hot weather in Malaysia.

That's not it Offspring also offers a range of organic skincare products which are safe and free of parabens and phthalates. I've tested out the complete essential bundle that comes in the set of 5 which includes Gentle Head to Toe Wash 240ml, Soothing Nappy Balm 45g, Nourishing Baby Lotion 90ml, Calming baby oil 100ml, and Breathe free chestnut balm 45g.

My favorite items will definitely be the Gentle Head to Toe Wash and the Calming Baby Oil. The gentle head to toe wash is an organic tear free cleansing for your little ones which is suitable for everyday use because it keeps your child's skin moisturized.

After a warm bath, I enjoy a short bonding session with my daughter, the calming baby oil helps moisturize and pamper your little one's skin by massaging it with the calming baby oil. I've been testing this product for 2 weeks and I notice it really calms my energetic little one right before bed time and she enjoys a massage from me every night before going to bed after her warm bath.  The Complete Essential Bundle will make a perfect baby shower gift for a new parent, it is everything a new mother needs to keep her baby's skin clean and moisturized.

Where to purchase

Items could be purchased easily at their website at free shipping is included for a minimum spend at RM150 this offers valids until 30th September 2017.

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