Happiness & Prosperity Luncheon at Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar

by - February 15, 2018

To usher the year of the dog, Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar celebrates and appreciates the influencers and media community in a ‘Happiness & Prosperity Luncheon’ hosted at its Chinese restaurant, Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant. The luncheon is graced by Ms. Angeline Chooi, Marketing & Communications Manager of Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar with the symbolic gesture of tossing yee sang.

Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant located on level 1, is a traditional Chinese Restaurant with the settings of Chinese elements, the seating areas are spacious and comfortable. There are also private dining rooms which cater to small groups of up to 30 persons. The restaurant’s specialty includes home-inspired Chinese cuisine as well as an extensive dim sum offering.

There are three Chinese New Year set menu available at Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant - Gold Prosperity RM1299nett, Platinum Prosperity RM1599nett, and Diamond Prosperity RM1999nett. All set menus start off with the Snow Pear Yee Sang comes with your choice of seafood - salmon, Japanese scallop or abalone, the Yee Sang is also available for both dine-in and takeaway.

The Chinese New Year set menus are available until 2 March 2018, take this chance, treat your family and friends to an incredible mouth-watering feast this coming festive season. Reservations can be made by contacting +603.2298.1888 ext 5100 or email to H7962-FB2@accor.com

Snow Pear & Salmon Yee Sang
It is a Chinese tradition is to start off with the tossing of Yee Sang for good luck! Yee Sang is actually a salad with ingredients chosen for the meanings they denote such as riches, success, youth, and vitality.

Double Boiled Song Ji Mushroom Broth with Conch Slice and Chicken
This soup is both remarkably delightful to the palette and nutritiously beneficial for our health.

Steamed Giant Pearl Dragon Grouper with Shredded Ginger
This dish did not disappoint upon the first bite with the grouper melting in my mouth with tenderness.

Braised Assorted Sea Treasure in Bamboo Basket
Also known as the Poon Choi, this is another traditional Chinese dish not to be missed, it includes premium ingredients such as South Africa abalone, Japanese scallop, Chinese mushroom, smoked oyster, waxed duck, prawns, sea cucumber, fish maw, Chinese cabbage, and broccoli simmered in a superior sauce for rich and hearty flavors.

Sumptuous Waxed Duck Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaves
One of my favorite dish in the set, this dish was perfectly cooked, the waxed duck pairs well with the flavourful glutinous rice from the lotus leaves, I helped myself to 2 servings because I just loved the taste of it!

Homemade Carp Fish Nian Gao
Steamed homemade niao gao paired with condiments like coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds.

Double Boiled Soy Milk with Snow Fungus, Lotus Seeds and Sea coconut
A refreshing and comforting dessert to end the meal. I enjoyed how it was not too sweet yet smooth and creamy.

Chef Chen Choy Soon, Assistant Chinese Chef of the Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, shares his words and approach, “It is indeed our pleasure to share our Happiness & Prosperity Feast in conjunction with the upcoming Lunar New Year celebration with many blessings to all. Being a chef throughout the years have thought me a lot and especially to detail to my cuisine, what makes the Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant special is our aim to always serve fresh food with dishes made from quality ingredients. We like to innovate and our Chinese New Year Set Menu is all about finding balance”.

Thank you Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar for the lunch, Oriental Chinese Cuisine Restaurant serves really great chinese food and I can't wait to come back for more with my family and friends.

Pullman Bangsar Kuala Lumpur
No 1 Jalan Pantai Jaya Tower 3, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. Chinese Family can have their reunion here in Pullman. All food look so tasty and yummy especially the seafood....Yummy!!!

  2. That Carp Fish Nian Gao looks so cute. Nian gao is a kuih or what? I love to see chinese family dining together especially during festive season, wearing all red.

  3. wow that yee sang looks so yummy and i love salmon. Homemade fish nian gou looks so unique.

  4. Nice place, beautifully decorated and great food indeed. Absolutely the right place for CNY family reunion. Happy Chinese New Year to you and all Chinese friend :)

  5. wow the abalone looks so sexy , all chinese food for perayaan seems so healthy and look super delicious.. omg ;((( if i kaya i go there already and makan puas puas

  6. My mouth is so watering arrghhhh cant wait foe our company annual dinner after this CNY..cant wait to enjoy the foods and yammsengggg

  7. Food menu look mouth watering. I bet tonight everybody will be loh sang. Happy New Year dear!

  8. Wow so much menu there. Recomended to bring family for lunch at pullman

  9. woahhh i really love the decoration and the concept! that yee sang really looks tempting! this must be a good place for the yeesang ceremony! btw, happy chinese new year!

  10. i love Chinese food, it looks tasty and healthy too, with combination of fresh meat dan colourful vegetables

  11. Everything looks good and tempting..my eyes focusing on the 2 unique fish..must be a good restaurant isnt it? Happy Chinese New year to you and family

  12. Wahh.. i like Chinese food esp Yee Sang. Last time during CNY my boss always belanja makan besar. Tapi sekarang dah berhenti kerja, so tak dapat la merasa makan besar lagi..

  13. Never had experienced having Yee Sang. Nampak semuanya sedap dan teringin nak makan. Pullman Bangsar pastinya sediakan makanan lazat sempena CNY. Btw, dekat je dgn opis saya Pullman ni. Sebelah je. Hehe. Happy Chinese New Year to you and famili Jia.

  14. Happy New Year for you and falmily. Wow Yee Sang. So meriah.Actually what is a homemade carp fish nian gao?firt time i see and know about it.

  15. Wah nampak menyelerakan betol makanan dia. Btw happy chinese new year to you.

  16. Gong Xi Fat Chai to you...Happy Chinese New Years

  17. I like the nian gao's shape.. The yee sang is really delicious!

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