Help you baby sleep comfortably with Mamaway Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Baby Pillow

by - January 08, 2019

Babies sleep a lot, when Mina first arrive, she used to sleep really long hours in but it was fragmented sleep until I found her this pillow that she was really comfortable with and it helped overcome the common newborn medical problems that she had which were reflux and slight allergies on the skin. As she grew older, it helps relieve nasal congestion especially when she's down with flu.

So here is the pillow I got her, it's from Mamaway, the Medical Grade Hypoallergenic Baby Pillow. The reason why I choose this was to improved Mina's sleep as well as my own. I think most parents will understand the daunting experience of not getting enough sleep when the baby arrives.

Mamaway Baby Pillows are made premium medical grade foam which is naturally resistant to bacteria and completely free of harmful chemicals, which makes it a safe, natural and healthy choice for your baby. Even the pillowcase that comes with it has antibacterial function and it stays unchanged wash after wash.

Besides that, to ensure your babies sleep peacefully, make sure it's not too stuffy or heaty, babies hate it when they are overheated. The Mamaway Baby Pillow is breathable and absorbent thanks to its material, this keeps your baby sweat free and in case there's spilled milk or droll on it, it will be absorbed quickly. It can also regulate the temperature to provide optimal comfort for your little ones.

This pillow is also lightweight and portable, it can be used on a baby stroller, car seats and so on, don't forget to bring it along during your holiday! Of course, this will make a great gift during a baby shower, any parent will thank you for this.

Mamaway Baby Pillow provides the comfort and support needed for peaceful and longer sleep and it is great for babies who are suffering from eczema, asthma, and allergies, this pillow is a must-have.

If you're interested to try out this product check it out on Mamaway's website here

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