Goa by Sapna Anand

by - September 20, 2019

Celebrity Chef Sapna Anand recently launches “Goa by Sapna Anand” located at The Ascott in Kuala Lumpur, in collaboration with the SOUL Society Group, the restaurant features Chef's Sapna Anand culinary signatures dishes that take cue from her birthplace in Goa, India.

“Goa by Sapna Anand” brings you authentic Indian food experience all the way from Goa which is known for its beaches, nightlife, and contemporary culture.

The dining experience promises to be a trip for all five senses, bringing together a cornucopia of regional flavor profiles and the casual, airy aesthetics of Goa brought to life with contemporary art pieces and interior design inspired by the eclectic state. The biodiverse flora and fauna of Goa have formed a unique cuisine in which local spices are ubiquitous in all dishes, from the seafood for which it is famed, to even desserts and everything in between.

Malarbar Mutton Curry with Plantain Fritters RM28
I absolutely love this dish, if you're a fan of spicy dishes here is one you must not miss, it's my first time pairing curry with soft sweet plantain fritters (fried bananas) and I must say it's such a great combination.

Shredded Mutton Mantao RM25
A simple and delicious dish which I enjoyed, marinated spicy mutton is slow-cooked to perfection, the meat juicy on the inside making each bite delightful leaves you wanting for more.

Fish in Saffron Sauce RM45
Inspired by the famous Keralan dish, Fish Moilee, this dish was created by Chef Sapna Anand using grilled seabass

Paneer Pea Cutlet RM18
Crispy golden crumbed coated paneer with spiced mashed pea filling served with sweet tamarind sauce and hung yogurt spicy dip

Goan Chili Prawns RM35
Highly recommend ordering this, stir-fried prawns with garlic, butter, and coriander leaf, it has a tint of spiciness in it which brightens up the entire dish, grab some naan and dip it into the sauce to complete the dish.

Goa by Sapna Anand is a great choice of space for casual dinners, business meetings, or even dates. The service is great with attentative staff to make sure you're well taken care of and a variety of alcholic and non alcholic drinks to provide you with an exceptional dining experience.

Goa by Sapna Anand
Ascott Kuala Lumpur, 9, Jalan Pinang, KL
Opening Hours: Monday - Sunday | 5pm to 1am
Contact 012-210 3055

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