Mina's 3rd Olaf Themed Birthday Party

by - April 01, 2021

It's no secret that kids are crazy over Disney's Frozen, for Mina's 3rd Birthday celebration, we gave her an Olaf themed Birthday Party at home, just because we can't have a big party doesn't mean we can't party at all, invited a few close family & friends to celebrate her big 3 and look at that smile on her face! 

Since this themed party was done at home, I did my best to make it as magical & dreamy as possible. To make sure this theme worked, I set the colors - purple, blue & silver. Next, were the props to create a true winter setting, I got all of mine from TaoBao and had them shipped over a month before. The cake & cupcakes were done by my trusty baker. 

Happy Birthday my lil princess Mina you're officially 3, mummy wish you'll always be smiling and healthy. I've got mixed feeling seeing you grow, it’s so exciting to see her getting bigger but at the same time I just want to press the pause button and hold on to her like this forever

I'm so glad I managed to pull off the Olaf themed Birthday Party, it was so much fun for the lil ones who are crazy Olaf fans! If you're kids are a fan of Olaf, I hope this party inspired you :) 



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